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  • Gamers will be happy to know that Xbox consoles have been upgraded.
  • Boot time for Xbox Series X|S devices will be 5 seconds shorter.
  • However, this can only be used when the console is in power saving mode.

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There’s no denying that in recent years game consoles have become much more powerful, much quieter and faster than they have ever been.

The beasts we buy now, sometimes at huge prices, will run games like we’ve never seen them before, at speeds we never imagined.

Nevertheless, players and developers believe that there could still be a significant improvement.

On that note, it looks like Microsoft will be making some changes to Xbox consoles, ensuring the boot time will be much shorter.

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Microsoft plans to reduce Xbox console startup time

Speaking of Xbox, a few days ago the developers at Redmond rolled out an Xbox system update for Alpha Insiders, introducing updated controller firmware and some bug fixes.

The job is never done in Redmond, and now it looks like the tech giant is working to drastically reduce boot times for the Xbox Series X|S console.

Turns out, in the latest Xbox Insider test builds of the Xbox Dashboard, engineers managed to reduce the cold boot time by around 5 seconds.

Remember that we are currently only talking about the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles, not Xbox 360, just so there is absolutely no confusion.

If you’re wondering how this was achieved, Microsoft was actually able to speed up the consoles boot sequence by creating a shorter boot animation.

Xbox Insiders were the first to notice the faster boot time, and Microsoft was quick to confirm the aforementioned changes last Friday.

Xbox in-game marketing manager Josh Munsee said the company created a shorter startup animation to make this possible.

And, as you can see above Posting on Twitterthe animation will now only last 4 seconds, compared to the original startup animation which was 9 seconds.

Note that these impressive and time-saving changes are not limited to Xbox Series X/S, as apparently Xbox One generation consoles boot noticeably faster with these changes.

That being said, you should also keep in mind that Xbox users will only benefit from these changes if they have their consoles in power saving mode, not sleep mode.

These tweaks will make booting into power saving mode faster, reducing the Xbox Series X/S boot process from 20 seconds to around 15 seconds.

Needless to say, this will make Energy Saver mode even more appealing to players who haven’t even considered using it before.

Not to mention, Microsoft made it the default option for new Xbox consoles earlier this year, while also adding support for downloading updates in the background.

So here is. Playing our favorite video games on Xbox consoles has become even more fun and entertaining, and perhaps a little less time-consuming with these recent changes.

As a gamer, what other changes do you think would be extremely beneficial to the overall Xbox gaming experience?

Be sure to share your opinions with us in the dedicated comment sections located below.


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