You can now play Microsoft Flight Simulator on an Xbox console


Microsoft announces that the popular PC simulation game Flight Simulator is now available on the Xbox Series X and S consoles. This is the first time in more than 40 years that the flight simulation game has made its way to consoles.

Microsoft says it’s trying to give aspiring pilots the chance to take lessons using a console. The game comes with the same level of depth as the company-rated PC version. The PC version receives a massive increase in performance improvements. It also comes with additional features like improved flight training, world exploration, flight assistance and more. And these will also be experienced on the console. The enhanced features provide a pilot with real-time, realistic experiences using the power of satellite data from Bing Maps and cloud-based AI using Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Flight Simulator lets you fly to over thirty-seven thousand airports and two million cities around the world. Improved improvements such as POI labels make it easy to explore and find landmarks. For new pilots there are twenty-two basic training flights to teach you the basics of handling.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available with Xbox Game Pass. So you can play it on a Windows 10 PC, Steam, or your Xbox series X or S console. Microsoft says the game will get third-party partners who will introduce peripherals to make the console experience immersive.

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