Yes, Nintendo’s Wii and DSi Stores Are Down, and Nobody Knows Why


Nintendo apparently ditched the Wii and DSi stores without telling its customers. These two stores have been completely disconnected, leaving customers wondering if they will be able to access the stores again.

During the weekend, Eurogamer reported that these two game stores have been taken offline. Stores have been closed since at least March 16. This means that it’s now been five days since players can access these stores and Nintendo hasn’t said anything yet.

Nintendo removed the ability to purchase new content on these platforms years ago. Nintendo limited the DSi store in 2017, and the Wii store lost sales capabilities in 2019. But both stores remained available for users to download games they already owned.

But not anymore. As the video above explains, you’ll see an error code when trying to enter the Nintendo eShop on one of these devices.

On the Wii, users see a blank white screen and then an error code when trying to enter the store. Error code 209601 is what you will see, indicating a network error. DSi users are seeing error code 290502 when trying to enter the store, again indicating some sort of network error.

At this time, it is unclear whether the removal of these stores is intentional or not. Nintendo has yet to say anything about the stores disappearing.

It’s possible that Nintendo has closed the stores for the Wii and DSi to perform maintenance on the main server. But it is very strange that the company did not release a statement regarding the removal of stores.

We’ll update this article with any additional information as soon as we hear anything.

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