Xbox Series S is the main reason for the highest ever growth of Xbox console gamers in Asia, with the majority of sales coming from new Xbox owners


Xbox boss Phil Spencer kicked off the Xbox Tokyo Game Show stream and has some interesting details to share about the Xbox brand in Asia.

According to Spencer, over the past year Xbox has grown significantly in Asia, with the team welcoming more gamers from Japan and Asia into the Xbox community than ever before. Interestingly, as the head of Xbox said, the Xbox Series S was the main reason for the higher-than-ever growth of Xbox console gamers in the country this generation, with the majority of hardware sales coming from new owners. from Xbox – an interesting tidbit for sure and quite impressive.

“We are incredibly grateful to everyone who chose to play with us,” Spencer said during his speech. He added, “This generation, we are welcoming more new console players to Xbox than ever before in Asia, largely due to [Xbox] Series S, where more than half of sales went to new Xbox owners.

Microsoft launched the Xbox Series X | S worldwide in November 2020 with the consoles releasing in China in June 2021. The Xbox Series X combo | S is doing quite well in Asia, far outpacing Xbox One. In fact, it was recently reported that the Xbox Series S exhausted the PlayStation 5 in Japan. Here’s what we had to say about the Series S during our launch review:

“The Xbox Series S is a system for the gamer who just wants to play games. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft has created an all-digital system that’s compelling even for an old gamer like me still clinging to a physical collection. This console will play all the games you already love on Xbox better than the Xbox One S could, and keep you playing all the biggest games for years to come. If you just want to play no-frills games, the Xbox Series S is for you.”

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