Xbox Series outsells any previous Xbox console generation


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has revealed that the Xbox Series X and S continue to do well for the company as it remains the company’s best-selling console. During its Q4 FY2022 earnings call, it was again confirmed, following last year’s call, that this generation is good for Xbox (via IGN).

During the call, Nadella’s exact phrase was “[Microsoft has] sold more consoles to date than any previous generation of Xbox”. This means that in its two-year lifespan so far, Xbox Series consoles have sold more than any previous Xbox over the same duration.

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Thanks in part to the ongoing supply issues that plagued the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series sold well, especially the easier-to-manufacture Xbox Series S, which helped the console maker fare better. in traditionally difficult markets such as Japan.


In April 2022, it was announced that the Xbox Series had surpassed PS5 sales in Q3 2022, meaning Microsoft dominated next-gen hardware sales in the previous quarter. “Our ambition is to allow players to play when, how and where they want,” Nadella said at the time. “With our Xbox Series S and X consoles, we have captured market share globally for two consecutive quarters and are the market leader this quarter among next-generation consoles in the United States, Canada, UK and Western Europe”.

Meanwhile, in Japan, where Xbox has traditionally struggled against local rivals Nintendo and Sony, the Xbox Series has fared much better than its predecessors. In fact, there were two events where Xbox Series X/S topped PlayStation 5 sales in Japan. From May 9-15, Famitsu reported that Microsoft sold 6,120 Xbox Series S and 105 Xbox Series X, compared to 2,963 PS5s.

Then, from June 13-19, Xbox Series consoles moved 6,695 units to 3,035 PS5s. Analysts have cited the Xbox Series S’ wider availability, improved offering of Japanese titles, affordability, and even compact size, for its appeal to Japanese consumers.

While Xbox is doing well, the PS5’s total sales are still ahead of its US rival. VGChartz puts the total number of PS5 units sold at 20 million compared to the Xbox Series X/S’s 14.94 million units. However, the Xbox Series is ahead of the Xbox One by 2.85 million units , at this point, while the PS5 lags the PS4 by 2.65 million units, according to VGChartz.

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