Xbox Games With Gold June 2022 Free Games, Predictions, Leaks


Xbox Games With Gold’s June 2022 free games lineup will once again offer four games to Xbox Live Gold subscribers of varying quality. The service isn’t known for including hits, so you can expect more mid-tier games this month.

As usual, there will be two games from the Xbox One era and two games from the Xbox Backward Compatibility Library for subscribers to claim and keep. If you are looking for exciting free games, you should pay attention to Xbox Game Pass, which will offer the majority of exciting games in the month of June.

But, below you can find everything we know about the Xbox Games With Gold Free Games June 2022, including our forecast for the month. We’ve also included our predictions below for the month, so you can see how close we are once the games are revealed.

Xbox Games With Gold Free Games June 2022

The June 2022 free Xbox Games With Gold games have yet to be announced. They will be announced a few days before the start of the month.


Here are our four predictions for the Xbox Games With Gold Free Games June 2022 line up:

  • occupation -Xbox One
  • dangerous golf -Xbox One
  • Hunter: Judgment – Xbox backward compatibility
  • Assault Hero 2 – Xbox backward compatibility

The Occupation (Xbox One)

The Occupation is an immersive story-driven simulation in which you are tasked with uncovering evidence as a journalist through interviews with multiple people. As people respond to your inquiries and the world adapts to your moment-to-moment decisions, you’ll race against the clock to achieve your goals.

Xbox Games With Gold Free Games June 2022: Golf ball can be seen hitting a golf sign

Dangerous Golf (Xbox One)

Dangerous golf is what happens when golf is miniaturized and made reckless. As you play you destroy environments and objects, build a multiplier and earn as much money as possible.

Xbox Games With Gold Free Games June 2022: A character can be seen with a cross on his back

Hunter: The Reckoning (Xbox Backward Compatibility)

Set in the Dark World, Hunter: The Reckoning is the first backward compatible prediction on this list. The hack-and-slash game is based on tabletop gaming and lets you battle hordes of monsters while wielding magic, melee weapons, and ranged weapons.

Xbox Games With Gold Free Games June 2022: Monster Can Be Seen Attacking Vehicle

Assault Heroes 2 (Xbox Backward Compatibility)

The top-down arcade sequel follows on from the original Assault Heroes and brings back two-player multiplayer, letting you fight with a variety of weapons you can use to fight both above ground and underground .

This covers everything about free Xbox Games With Gold games for June 2022. Be sure to check out some of the best Xbox Series X games to see what else you can play this month on your Xbox console.


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