Xbox games will stream to TVs without a console


Microsoft has revealed that Xbox Game Pass will be streaming to 2022 Samsung smart TVs this month, without the need for additional hardware.

Microsoft has announced that it will soon be possible to stream Xbox Game Pass games on Samsung 2022 Smart TVs, without the need for additional hardware. There have been hints that Xbox Game Pass will be getting a streaming stick in the future, obviating the need for an Xbox console.

Xbox Game Pass offers cloud streaming with its highest paid tier, allowing gamers to stream compatible games across PCs, mobile devices, and Xbox systems. This process requires a fast and stable internet connection, with some game genres being better suited than others. The advantage of cloud streaming is that any computer with an internet browser can run high-quality games, and gamers don’t have to commit to massive download times for new ones. games. Forza Horizon 5 requires more than 100 GB to download, but someone who plays the game via streaming can check it instantly.


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Xbox Game Pass will soon make the leap to television. The official Xbox The Twitter account announced that Xbox Game Pass will be coming to 2022 Samsung Smart TVs on June 30, 2022, bringing over 100 cloud games to subscribers. All a gamer needs is a Bluetooth controller and an active Xbox Game Pass subscription, and they’ll soon be streaming games as if they had a brand new Xbox console – assuming they have the right TV.

The official Xbox the website offered more information. Starting June 30, people with compatible 2022 Samsung Smart TVs will be able to access the Xbox app from the Samsung Gaming Hub or Media Hub. They then need to enter their existing Microsoft account details and connect a Bluetooth controller. People who are Game Pass Ultimate members can then start streaming games. People without a subscription will be able to stream Fortnite through their TV, because it’s a free game. It was also revealed that Xbox Cloud Gaming will be available in Argentina and New Zealand starting today.

The war for the streaming game service has only just begun, but the competitors are all grappling with the limitations of a slow or spotty internet, which has made certain types of games (like fighting games) relatively unsuitable for the streaming. Microsoft is all in with its Xbox Game Pass service and making it compatible with modern TVs without the need for additional hardware is an amazing idea, especially with the console shortage still a major problem that likely won’t be fixed any time soon. . Microsoft will likely reveal more about the future of Xbox Game Pass streaming this Sunday during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase.

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Xbox Game Pass will be playable on 2022 Samsung Smart TVs on June 30, 2022.

Source: Xbox/Twitter, Xbox

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