Xbox games to display accessibility information prominently in online stores


Microsoft is bringing a new accessibility feature to its Xbox online stores. Starting soon with the Microsoft Store and expanding to its other platforms later, the company will now display tags with accessibility information next to games so that gamers know if a game has features they want. need before you make a purchase.

Xbox offers a lot for gamers with disabilities, including a specialized adaptive controller for people with limited mobility (although this product costs more than a regular Xbox controller, which is unfortunate). The new accessibility feature responds to the frustration of disabled gamers who often have to research this information on their own.

Accessible play – Tags – from a tag for games with subtitles or commented game menus – will deploy slowly as Microsoft collects player feedback. It wants to fine tune them to meet certain criteria – for example, a game with subtitles that cannot be resized would not meet the bar to include a subtitle tag. Game publishers themselves will be able to link to their websites where they describe accessibility features in more detail.

Adaptive technology in video games has exploded in recent years, as companies hope to make their games enjoyable for everyone and no one to feel left out. It’s a noble endeavor, but as this new feature highlights, there is still a long way to go.

Microsoft is hoping the beacon system will encourage more developers to build accessibility features into their games upfront rather than modernizing them.


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