Xbox games not loading for many users, but there is a potential workaround


Since the introduction of the first Xbox console in 2001, the Microsoft-owned brand has added several services like Game Pass and Xbox Network.

That said, Xbox users are now reporting that none of the games they own are loading. Many are stuck on the loading screen and unable to get past it (1,2,3,4,5,6,seven,8,9,ten).

Some have tried restarting the console but that doesn’t help either. Below are some Xbox user reports that games are not loading.


I loaded my xbox series and my library showed no games, now it says my online status is unknown and I can’t create a party. error 0x87DD000D appears. I’m not banned and I’m connected to the internet, even plugged into ethernet to be sure and I did a speed test and everything is fine.

I was leaving one of my worlds and my game crashed, the next time I tried to load it I froze my whole Xbox in a certain place on the loading screen it does this at every time i try to load into this world now and i would love it if my favorite world on terraria wasn’t lost forever because my game crashed. Anyone know how I can possibly fix this problem?

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Xbox users have encountered issues. Some time ago users complained about not being able to change Xbox Gamerpic and gamers not being able to access Game Pass through the dashboard.

Unfortunately, the Xbox developers have yet to comment on the issue. Luckily, we have found a potential workaround that might help fix the Xbox games not loading issue.

This involves resetting the Xbox and clearing the cache. To do this, make sure your Xbox is turned off, then press the power button a few times and wait about 30 seconds before plugging it back in.

Reset and clear cache. Hold down the power button, wait for it to turn off, unplug the Xbox, repeatedly press the power button, wait 30 seconds, plug the Xbox back in.

We hope the Xbox developers recognize the issue soon and fix it as soon as possible. If and when they do, we’ll update this space to reflect the same, so be sure to keep checking PiunikaWeb.

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