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Xbox Games Studios director Matt Booty praises PlayStation for its exclusive games and says similar Xbox titles are being considered.

Boss of Xbox game studios Matt Booty is impressed with the PlayStation stable of proprietary exclusives and teases that Xbox games of a similar caliber could be in the works. Sony has dominated the console race between itself and Microsoft for the past two generations, with pundits generally pointing to PlayStation’s line of exclusive games like Unexplored, God of war, and Ratchet and Clank as a primary factor. Newer IPs like Ghost of Tsushima and Horizon Zero Dawn laid the groundwork for future success, and Xbox took note.

While Xbox has its own successful franchises under its belt, including Halo, Gears Of War, and ForzaMicrosoft still lags behind Sony in terms of the frequency of exclusive games released and rave reviews. The 20-year-old console maker is looking to turn the tide, with Xbox’s acquisition of Bethesda Softworks bringing notable franchises like Publication date and The Old scrolls under the umbrella of Xbox and upcoming exclusives like Starfield and Contempt showing potential promise. PlayStation’s strong roster of proprietary games hasn’t gone unnoticed by Xbox executives, and it obviously seeks to replicate Sony’s success on the exclusive front going forward.

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Xbox Game Studios director Matt Booty recently spoke with A bit funny games on YouTube (via VGC) to discuss the publisher’s renewed focus on building a diverse portfolio of proprietary exclusive games. During the interview, he praised the catalog of PlayStation proprietary exclusives, noting a desire to see “one of these types of games“on Xbox consoles.”You cannot dispute the quality, craftsmanship and games that [Sony’s] delivered, which they’re working on now and the stuff we’ve seen so far, so just well done and hats off to them“, he said, admitting later,”It’s a place we haven’t been in front of, we haven’t really had the kind of one-on-one with Sony thereuniversal themes, well-made characters and high production values“featured in PlayStation exclusives, with Booty mentioning Unexplored and Horizon Zero Dawn as specific examples.

This coincides with the fact that Microsoft’s vice president of games, Phil Spencer, recently reaffirmed that Xbox is not done acquiring new developers to add to Xbox Games Studios’ growing roster. While expanding its proprietary studios through its own acquisitions, PlayStation has meanwhile started to branch out into the world of PC games with ports of hit titles like God of War (2018) and Days Gone – something Xbox already has a considerable head start on thanks to Microsoft’s ownership of Windows and the apparent popularity of Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Given the acclaim that PlayStation Studios games have received over the past few years, it makes sense that Xbox is trying to do the same by beefing up its own line of exclusive first-party games. It remains to be seen what kind of immersive experiences Matt Booty might be referring to, but with Xbox game studios by continuing to develop its internal development talents and its list of IP addresses, anything seems possible.

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Source: VGC, Funny games / YouTube

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