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Microsoft is leading Xbox’s success in the number of copies of games sold and is beginning to focus on an entirely different aspect, the long-term retention of its game offering. Microsoft has adapted in its own way to the model popularized by Netflix. Xbox Game Pass is priced on a subscription basis which allows you to download at no additional cost and enjoy an unlimited selection of console, PC or game streaming titles.

Now, Xbox Game Pass vouchers and gift cards offer a host of VOD giants that make it as unique as it is appealing. Starting with the fact that its catalog is updated monthly with real hits like DOOM Eternal, Skyrim or Monster Hunter World. There are some of the best Xbox game pass games to play. These include:

A Plague Tale: Innocence

It’s one of the greatest gifts 2019 has given us. Asobo Studio brings you a survival adventure set in the 14th century during the Hundred Years War. A very intense narrative experience that does not leave the player indifferent.

Age of Empires Saga

Microsoft set out to launch and continue its legendary real-time strategy saga in style. The best thing is that everything Game Pass users on Xbox and PC are invited to rediscover it without spending a penny more. And not only that: the long-awaited fourth installment of Age of Empires is available from launch on subscription with great details.

Among the United States

The success of Among Us is self-explanatory. It’s not just a simple game of puzzles, survival, and teamwork, but it’s also a social experience capable of bringing out the best and the worst in the players themselves.

Knight Batman Arkham

The epic conclusion to the Arkham Knight saga is the best video game adaptation ever by a comic book superhero. An explosive action proposition is entirely faithful to the legacy of the Dark Knight with the incentive of adding the Batmobile to the game.

Battlefield Saga

The Battlefield saga not only impresses visually but also knows how to stand out from any other FPS alternative by betting on a breathtaking historical setting, fantastic massive multiplayer and game modes that you will never get bored of.

battle toads

Rare’s toad thugs are back with a game that retains the essence of the classics, humor, action, and light, challenging levels designed to share control and play.

Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III is the perfect fusion between the RPG and strategy genres. The goal is to create the most powerful dynasty of all time. You must rewrite the Middle Ages under your laws and your dogmas.

The Day of the Tentacle Remastered

The Day of the Tentacle is not only one of the fabulous gems of LucasArts but also one of the best graphic adventures in history. And its remaster makes it an absolutely unmissable experience.

death cells

Death Cells is much more than a Metroidvania game genre. A real playable delight invites you to rediscover it from scratch with each new game. Not only is it addictive like few others in its genre, but its silky smooth control scheme also makes it a Game Pass essential.

Dead Space Saga

Visceral Games hits the mark on merging horror and sci-fi into one of EA’s best sagas. As Isaac Clarke, you must save humanity itself from an impending apocalypse. Ahead, all manner of nightmares in a setting that evokes classic space horror films and the essence of survival horror in video games.

Dirty 5

There are good driving games out there, but not like Dirt 5 on Xbox. In this game, Codemasters leaves behind simulation experiences and embraces real fun in a gamble that’s so intense in controls that it’s hard to see.

Dishonored Saga

With only two installments and a spin-off, the Dishonored saga has positioned itself as one of Bethesda Video Game Company’s most powerful franchises and an Xbox expansion. Three incredible steampunk adventures that gain even more momentum when played in first person.


From the considered father of first-person shooters to the most brutal FPS in video game history, the entire DOOM saga is played on Xbox Game Pass, including the essential DOOM Eternal. Each of its installments is purely adventurous and can boost your adrenaline.


These are the best games on Xbox Game Pass to buy and play. Not only these, but there are also many other games of all time. Let me know which one you like the most.


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