Xbox games, consoles and packaging will become 100% recyclable by 2030


Some companies are increasingly concerned about the environmental damage caused by technology over the years. As such, they have started to make proposals on the changes they can make internally to make alternatives that are more respectful of the environment. Today, Xbox joins the fray with the promise that it will be environmentally friendly.

Today during Microsoft annual sustainability report, the company said Microsoft has been making slow progress toward that goal. Meanwhile, Xbox VP of Operations Dave McCarthy has posted a new message on Xbox Wire in response to statements made in the sustainability report.

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Our products and services have an impact on the environment because of the choices we make in the design, manufacture and delivery of materials, as well as during use and at end of life in terms of recycling and reuse options. . As Microsoft President Brad Smith shared today, the impact of Xbox sales and usage on our Scope 3 shows has increased year over year due to the pandemic.

Progress is not always linear; it fluctuates depending on various factors. It will not be a direct path to 2030, but we are committed to reducing our environmental impact in all areas of activity to meet our ambitious commitments.

Dave went on to describe the steps that will be taken at Xbox to make their games, consoles and packaging more environmentally friendly. The post goes on to explain how the Xbox Series consoles were designed with sustainability in mind while bragging about how the Series S in particular is the first console to incorporate post-consumer recycled (PCR) resins into the manufacturing of the body and various internal components.

In terms of software, Xbox has made improvements to the console’s Energy Saver sleep mode. Now system updates and even game updates can be downloaded while maintaining power saving mode. This mode will also be enabled by default when users initially set up their consoles, providing a significant opportunity to enable power savings across the Xbox ecosystem.

Finally, after talking about ways to reduce the environmental impact of its Cloud Gaming service, Xbox pledged to meet Microsoft’s zero waste policy by 2030. This means that by this time, Xbox games, products. and accessories, as well as all Microsoft product packaging, will become 100% recyclable in OECD countries by 2030.

They also said that the first steps towards this journey began as they went from plastic to cardboard when delivering Xbox gift cards. Additionally, the company has also reviewed the materials it incorporates into its products and has begun to consider incorporating PCR into its controllers while maintaining durability and longevity.

According to the end of the message, this is only a small part of a bigger story. While there’s still a long way to go to green the entire industry, it certainly looks like Microsoft and Xbox are ready to take the first steps and lead the industry into a greener future.


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