Xbox games and accessories coming March and April 2022


Yet another month has passed, but there are plenty of great new games on the horizon as we dive headfirst into March 2022.

Below we’ve rounded up a variety of games that will launch on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One over the next two months. We start with a roundup of the physical goodies you can pick up for your collection, before discussing the usual digital delights and Xbox Game Pass treats that are just around the corner.

Further down the page, you’ll also find some Xbox accessories that will be releasing over the next few weeks as well as all your essentials such as Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. Enjoy!

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Soon physical Xbox games

Want new games for your shelf? Many Xbox games will be released over the next few months. Check them…

Coming soon digital-only Xbox games

Below, we’ve listed some notable digital-only releases coming to the Xbox Store over the next few weeks:

For a full list, you can check out our comprehensive March 2022 roundup.

Xbox Game Pass games coming soon

As usual, we have a variety of games set to release on Xbox Game Pass in March and April, with many yet to be announced! For now, here’s what we know so far:

The list isn’t finalized yet, but here’s what’s been announced for March 2022 so far:

Date Game Platform
1st of March FAR: changing tides Console, PC, Cloud
1st of March Microsoft Flight Simulator Cloud
3rd of March Flashbacks:Final Fantasy XIII Console, PC
March 10 Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition Console, PC, Cloud
March 10 Lawn mowing simulator XboxOne
March 10 Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Console, PC, Cloud
March 10 young souls Console, PC, Cloud
March 24 A memory blue Console, to be determined
March 29 Cross Kings 3 X-Series, S-Series
March, 31st Weird West Console, to be determined
march to be determined Grinders Series X, Series S, TBD
April 5 MLB The Show 22 Console, to be determined
TBD (Spring) Warhammer 40k: Darktide Console, to be determined

Awesome accessories for your Xbox

Next, some accessories that might meet your needs in the months to come. Here you will find a mix of essentials and upcoming releases!

Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions

Need to renew your Game Pass subscription? Here are some options for you. You can support us by shopping in our own store, or subscribe elsewhere if you prefer…

Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions

And finally, collect your Xbox Live Gold subscriptions here. Again, we have options available through our own store if you wish to support us in the process.

So that’s it for March and April – did we miss anything? Let us know with a comment and let us know if you pre-ordered any of these goodies!


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