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Xbox Game Pass is a game-changing service on Xbox and PC, and with over a hundred games to choose from, there are games for all types of gamers. For those who love the changing nature of a roguelike, from bullet hells to magical spells, these games are for you. You can try out all of these Xbox Game Pass roguelikes and more by signing up to Game Pass via our affiliate link.

Friends dungeon

Xbox Game Pass Roguelikes - Boyfriend Dungeon

Developed and published by Kitfox games, Friends dungeon is equally a dungeon robot and a dating simulation. With the ability to date up to seven weapons – and the encouragement to (we’ll get to that later) –Friends dungeon pushes the boundaries when it comes to romance, inclusiveness and, ultimately, love.

Crown Tower

Crown Trick - But why Tho

From NExT Studios, Tencent and Team17 offer turn-based roguelike with a talking crown and a multitude of weapons and magic to fight with. Defeating enemies and using their pets dictates the magic you have access to, providing a unique experience with every race.

Dandy As

Dandy Ace - But why Tho

Dandy As is a simplistic roguelike of crazy impersonator and Neowiz games. Recently arrived on Xbox Game Pass, this simplistic game is a great first roguelike for people looking to enter the genre smoothly while providing plenty of challenges for everyone. You play as Dandy Ace, a successful magician who unwittingly wronged Lele the Green-Eyed Illusionist, another magician. For his crime, Dandy Ace was trapped in an ever-changing magic mirror.

Dead cells

Dead Cells - But why Tho

Developed by Motion Twin, Dead cells is a beautiful side-scrolling action game with platforming elements and a real sense of progress and adventure. Among the most popular roguelikes of recent years, you won’t want to miss the epic bosses and exploration. Dead cells has in store.

Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon - But why Tho

Enter the Gungeon is a now classic roguelike bullet hell entirely on guns and ammo. With a reliable dodge roll at your disposal, you’ll face off against a plethora of creative enemies and random bosses as you uncover secret paths and attempt to master one of the most difficult roguelikes on this list.


Xbox Game Pass Roguelikes - Hades with Greg Kasavain - But why Tho

supergiant Games’ Underworld is a beautifully designed, one-player action-adventure RPG, roguelike indie dungeon robot that will keep players coming back for more. You play as Zagreus, son of Hades and Persephone, an immortal prince of the Underworld who tries to escape Tartarus and join his other family of gods on Mount Olympus.

In the pit

Xbox Game Pass Roguelikes - In The Pit - But Why Tho

In the pit is a magic-based FPS roguelike from developer Nullpointer Games and publisher Humble Games. In the vein of classics like Loss and Heretic, In the pit sends player into dungeon after dungeon of hellish monsters in all their low-poly glory. You are drawn to a mysterious town by a cousin to discover that black magic has taken hold and that the villagers and their town councilor are all missing.

Neon Abyss

Neon Abyss - But why Tho

With lots of colors, wacky weapons, pets and synergies, Veewo Games Neon Abyss is a unique entry in the genre. The levels are constantly evolving and the game is popular with fans and critics alike.

Nuclear throne

Nuclear Throne - But why Tho

Nuclear throne is a bullet hell roguelike from Vlambeer. Originally released on PC, PS3, PS4, and Vita six years ago, the simple yet satisfying game has just arrived on Xbox through Game Pass, and despite its age, it remains a very satisfying game.

Be sure to try out all of these Xbox Game Pass Roguelikes and more by signing up for Game Pass via our affiliate link.

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