Xbox doesn’t want to turn ‘big community’ PS4 and PS5 games into exclusives


Complementing today’s huge round of Xbox announcements, we got some comments from Xbox Game Studios Head Matt Booty, who talked a bit more about plans for exclusives on the platform. Xbox form.

As IGN points out, Booty tried to allay fears about big Xbox exclusive cross-platform games, explaining that in terms of “big community” games, the last thing Microsoft wants to do is actually take them out:

“If we acquire a game that comes with a large community across a number of platforms, the last thing we want to do is take anything away. On the contrary, we believe it’s our job to be stewards. , to be shepherds, to continue to build and maintain this community, not to cut it into pieces and try to take a part of it away.”

When Booty says “great community”, we assume he means people like Call of Duty which have established huge fanbases over the years, but it’s hard to say whether these are also multiplayer-specific titles or single-player games.

Xbox’s general manager of programming and events, Tina Summerford, also joined in the discussion, explaining that there are definitely plans for some exclusives – so we’re guessing these will be new IPs, or maybe -be games that do not have such large connected communities.

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