Xbox Console Update Significantly Improves Achievements


When Microsoft released the Xbox 360, it innovated a new concept for game consoles in the form of achievements. The concept behind Achievements is simple. Once players successfully complete a certain task in a game, they are rewarded with an achievement immortalizing their efforts. Xbox 360 achievements proved popular enough for other gaming platforms to follow suit, with PlayStation introducing its own version of achievements, called trophies, for PS3 games.

Over the years, Xbox accomplishments have remained mostly the same, with a few improvements here and there. For example, achievements that require players to collect a certain number of items can now track their progress in real time, giving players a much better idea of ​​how close they are to that specific achievement. But in other cases, Xbox achievements have been surpassed by PlayStation trophies. While Xbox gamers haven’t been able to reveal the details of the secret achievements in any convenient way, PlayStation users have been able to see the secret trophies for quite some time. However, it looks like Xbox is finally following suit.


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Xbox will soon allow players to reveal descriptions of secret achievements. With the current setup, Xbox players must choose to “Search for Help” when accessing a Secret Achievement, which will trigger the Microsoft Edge browser to display Bing search results. It’s an inconvenient way to determine what secret achievements are left to unlock in a game, so this upgrade should be welcomed by achievement hunters.

As for when exactly this update will be available, that remains to be seen. Microsoft said the Achievements update will roll out with the Xbox Console Update for June, although a specific date was not provided. More information should arrive in the coming days.

In the meantime, it will be interesting to see if Xbox makes any other changes to achievements, such as adding a Platinum Trophy equivalent, Platinum Trophies, the ultimate reward for unlocking all trophies in a PlayStation game, have come along. proven to be very popular, as they give PlayStation players something else to point to when mastering a game. Not only that, but they solve the problem of DLCs and expansions by adding more achievements/trophies to the mix, which means Xbox players suddenly can’t have 100% achievements in a game they’ve already completed.

Xbox currently has no plans to introduce a Platinum Trophy equivalent for achievements, but at least players will be able to see details of secret achievements soon.

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