Xbox Console Update Brings Dynamic Backgrounds, Next-Gen Enhancement Badges, and Game Pass Improvements


Xbox announcement Monday that they begin rolling out an update for their Series X and S consoles. The update gives gamers more background options, a way to see which games are optimized for next-gen consoles. and preload options for Xbox Game Pass members.

Xbox Series X and S owners will be able to customize their console’s home screen with new dynamic backgrounds. Six new options, some with animated graphics and colors and others paying homage to older generations of Xbox, will be available to console owners.

Players can now see which of their games are running Auto HDR in the Xbox In-Game Guide. Auto HDR has been described by Xbox as a way to improve the visual quality of a game without changing its overall look or aesthetics, and is a new feature on consoles in the series.

Players will also be able to discern which games have been optimized for Xbox Series X and S with new “Optimized for Series X|S” badges that will be prominently displayed on their game icons in the My Games & Apps section of Xbox Series X|S. ‘homepage.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now view, add to their “play later” section, and pre-install certain games that are due to arrive on the subscription service before they are available. A new “coming soon” section is now available on the Xbox Game Pass app on consoles and mobile devices that display these games. Although some games are not available for pre-installation, each “Coming soon” game can be queued for installation on the day of release.


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