Xbox Console Streaming Goes Live For Xbox Insiders


Microsoft has pushed the Xbox Console Livestream to Xbox Insiders, allowing gamers to test out the second part of Microsoft’s cloud gaming experience.

Microsoft’s Project xCloud game streaming went live in September. It lets you play a pre-selected group of games on an Android phone. Importantly, xCloud games are rendered in the cloud, using Microsoft’s own servers.

The Xbox Console Streaming preview uses your own Xbox to render the game, using your own processing power and home broadband connection to play more games. If you own a game and have downloaded it to your Xbox, you will theoretically be able to play it.

While Project xCloud requires you to be invited by Microsoft, Xbox console streaming is slightly less restrictive. You will still need to be part of the Xbox Insider Program and have a console already registered in the Alpha or Alpha-Skip-Ahead ring to activate the preview. You will also need a phone or tablet running Android 6.0 or higher, with Bluetooth 4.0; the Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) app from the Google Play Store; and an Xbox controller.

“This preview is an important step in our journey to bring game streaming to Xbox gamers around the world. We will work closely with you and the Insider community to gather feedback that will shape and define future iterations of Xbox Console Streaming” , said Jonathan Hildebrandt, program manager for Xbox, in a blog post.

Microsoft hasn’t said when Project xCloud or Console Streaming will be open to the Windows market as a whole.


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