Xbox console sales exceed 2.3 million in Japan

Xbox console sales in the Japanese market have topped 2.3 million over the past 20 years, according to a new report from a Japanese magazine – of which 1.6 million are Xbox 360 sales.

According to figures published in the recent Weekly Famitsu magazine (thanks, VGC) which celebrates the last 20 years of Xbox in Japan, Microsoft has sold 2.3 million consoles to Japanese consumers – 2,345,975, to be exact.

While Microsoft’s console sales lag far behind those of its rivals in Japan – which has seen one million PS5s and 20 million Nintendo Switch consoles sold so far – it’s a market that’s always been tough. to drill for Xbox. Recent numbers, however, show that Xbox Series X|S sales have already significantly outpaced Xbox One lifetime sales, though they are still far, far behind those of Xbox 360. Progress are progress, however, and things are starting to look a lot more positive for Microsoft.

Here are Weekly Famitsu’s figures for each console’s lifetime sales as of February 6, 2022, and the top-selling Xbox games:


  • Xbox – 472,992
  • Xbox 360 – 1,616,128
  • Xbox One – 114,831
  • Xbox Series X/S – 142,024

Best Selling Xbox Games
This news follows Microsoft’s recent announcement that Xbox Wire is launching in Japan to celebrate the platform’s 20th anniversary.


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