Xbox console exclusives release dates are updated on the Xbox Game Pass Roadmap. Filth and contempt


Contempt is expected this fall, while The Gunk has apparently been delayed slightly

That’s according to the updated roadmap for games coming to Xbox Game Pass this year. Previously, Scorn was widely anticipated this year, but now we know he is specifically targeting this fall. We’ve been waiting for Scorn for about four years, and his baffling art style has never left us, so it’s nice to have a more precise release window, although fall obviously covers an entire season. If you’re looking for more details, we had an in-depth discussion with the developers at Ebb Studios about their take on the game last year.

The Geiger Scorn-inspired horror game is now slated to launch this fall, while The Gunk, an Xbox console exclusive, will apparently miss its original release date in September and instead launch later this year.

In contrast, when The Gunk was revealed in 2020, developer Image & Form was targeting September 2021. The game’s current press sheet reflects this and claims that its Game Pass release will match its launch date. However, judging by its place in the new Game Pass calendar, The Gunk is now due out later this year – likely in October or November. The Game Pass timeline in this Xbox article, meanwhile, only specifies 2021. To be fair, Xbox made it clear last year that The Gunk was only “currently scheduled” for September 2021, so this apparent delay is not a total surprise. We have contacted Image & Form for clarification and will update our reports if we have a response.

The Gunk, in case you forgot, is a third-person action game set on an alien planet filled with resources and covered in the titular gunk. The pitch of Image & Form, which you may know from the delicious Steamworld franchise, is simple: “explore, collect, craft and survive”. You play as a member of a team of explorers to map the planet and harvest its resources, while facing off against local flora and fauna. His art style caught our eye last year and we’ll always be interested in anything from the creators of Steamworld, so The Gunk will be one to watch as we get closer to 2021.

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  • Xbox console exclusives release dates are updated on the Xbox Game Pass Roadmap. Filth and contempt
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