Xbox Console exclusive, The Medium gets a PlayStation 5 rating


The way was only ever released on Xbox Series X | S consoles, but it looks like that will change in the future now that a PlayStation 5 rating for the game has been spotted. The psychological horror game was rated for the latest PlayStation console by the ESRB with the PlayStation platform listed alongside the latest Xbox technology. No indication of a release window has been provided alongside this rating, however, and there has been no official recognition of a non-Xbox version of the game beyond this rating.

First spotted by Gematsu, Mediums The PlayStation 5 rating can be viewed here on the ESRB website. If you have played The way already on an Xbox console, there won’t be much new for you other than the PlayStation 5 console listed in the “Platform” section, but for those who haven’t and are interested in the prospect of a new-to-horror game on PlayStation 5, the rating provides an overview of the game and cautions against its content.

“This is an adventure horror game in which players take on the role of a psychic investigating an abandoned Communist resort in Poland,” the ESRB’s rating for the game began. “As players explore dilapidated buildings, they can transition to a spirit and hell realm to help solve puzzles and interact with characters. Some interactions unlock footage depicting instances of violence: a character shooting a girl (excluding suffocating a bound man from a first-person view; a man being clubbed by another character. Some areas depict large bloodstains on them). walls and floors; one sequence represents a tub full of blood. The words “f ** k” and “sh * t” are heard in the game. “

Koch Media has been listed as the publisher of the game. It should also be noted that Koch Media has its own event which will take place on June 11 where it will make some announcements. Deep Silver warned this week that its parent company will not be presenting games like the Metro series or Saints Row at this event, but given how we’ve already spotted the rating for The way, that seems like a likely candidate for something that will appear during the Koch Media announcements.

Our opinion on The way found the game to be a good experience, but probably not one that someone would buy a new console for. If you liked The way and looking forward to something new from developer Bloober Team, you can look forward to the group’s “new big project”.


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