Xbox console exclusive horror game contempt may have been delayed


The Xbox and PC exclusive first-person horror shooter Scorn appears to be delayed, and the reveal comes from a surprising announcement.

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Contempt, an Xbox console exclusive, may have been delayed until 2022. The news comes from a press release from a new “super developer” named Kepler Interactive. Contempt was originally slated for release in 2021.

Developer Ebb Software Contempt is a bizarre and spooky horror first-person shooter that was recently presented as a PC and Xbox exclusive last year. With titles such as The way and State of decomposition 3, Contempt was one of the spooky headlining titles that made the Xbox Series X a go-to console for all things scary. But according to Kepler Interactive, fans may have to wait a little longer for Contemptthe Liberation.

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In a press release released today, it was announced that Kepler Interactive was formed as a group owned and led by developers A44, Alpha Channel, Awaceb, Ebb Software, Shapefarm, Sloclap and Timberline. The seven developers will all be able to take advantage of the $ 120 million in funding, strategic decisions and shared resources, and the combined benefits and successes. Among the details was the fact that Contempt is a highly anticipated game, but slated for 2022. Although not 100% confirmed, it appears that this newly founded group has shared information that was not yet public. Fans haven’t had much to do since Contempt gameplay revealed last year.

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The delay should perhaps come as no surprise. Even if Contempt Originally seemed quite interesting to many gamers, Ebb Software obscured the project for a while. Contempt looked like a perfect release for the horrid October 2021 in games. However, as 2021 draws closer to the conclusion and Contempt still not having a release date, the likely push to 2022 seems all the more reasonable.

If this is true, the hope is that the delay will only improve the game as a whole. While delays aren’t pleasant in the moment, the end product is often better in the long run. Ebb Software thinks there is some awesome technology in the new consoles because the Xbox Series X is definitely a powerful console with a lot of features. With the trailer and gameplay of Contempt sounding incredibly odd, much of the talk around the game has had to do with technology, so the more time Ebb Software has to develop the game, the better.

Contempt is in development for PC and Xbox Series X and is reportedly delayed until 2022.

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Source: Kepler Interactive

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