Xbox console exclusive exomecha hit with great delay


After presenting a gameplay trailer in March, TwistedRed Games is announcing a delay for the free-to-play shooter Exomecha, moving its release to 2022.

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With the challenges facing the global pandemic, a number of games have faced delays in 2020. Sadly, 2021 appears to be going pretty much the same, as many upcoming games have already been forced to go. push back their release dates such as as Hogwarts Legacy and The Lord of the Rings: Gollum. With titles even more anticipated like Horizon: West prohibited Apparently receiving delays in the near future, it was revealed that the Xbox and PC exclusive Exomecha became the next game to be hit with considerable delay.

This news comes via a Twitter post from TwistedRed Games, the developer behind Exomecha. According to the Tweet, the game’s launch has been moved from August 2021 to the first quarter of 2022. The studio cites its commitment to providing a “seamless gaming experience” as the reason for the delay. With this additional time, the developers hope to “refine Exomecha as we always imagined. ”

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This is undoubtedly disheartening news for fans eager to play the game which looks like a mix of Crisis and Transformers. Despite this bad news, the developers gave gamers a reason to be excited about the future. Even though players will have to wait until early 2022 to play the full title, the developers at TwistedRed Games plan to start pre-release testing in September. The studio noted that initial testing will be limited to the PC, as this allows for “faster iteration.” Fortunately for Xbox gamers, the plan is to deliver additional testing that includes “more people and consoles” at a later date.

Revealed in a trailer during the Xbox Games Showcase in 2020, Exomecha is the interpretation by the studios of a free-to-play FPS. With bullets, bombs, and plenty of robots, this shooter seems to take advantage of the powerful X-series specs with awesome environments, fast-paced action, and vibrant explosions.

While a delay for a game is generally disappointing for fans of the project keen to try it out for themselves, that extra time hopefully means players will get the experience they’ve been waiting for. Keeping in mind that this is the first game from TwistedRed Games, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the developers need more time to finalize their vision for the project. Still, with plans to begin pre-release testing soon, gamers shouldn’t have to wait too long to learn more about the game.

Exomecha will arrive on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S in 2022.

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