Xbox console-exclusive Call of the Sea gets a release date and new trailer


Lovecraft-inspired Xbox console-exclusive first-person adventure game Call of the Sea gets a release date and a new trailer.

call of the sea release date

In May, Microsoft unveiled call of the sea, a new first-person adventure game where players explore a mysterious island in the South Pacific as a woman named Norah, in search of her missing husband. The game turned heads as one of the first Xbox Series X titles revealed to the public, and its use of the Lovecraft mythology also sparked some interest. Now it’s been revealed that fans don’t have to wait long to give it a try. call of the sea, as the Xbox console exclusive will be released in a few weeks.


As part of a new trailer released today, call of the seaThe release date of has been confirmed for December 8th. An intergenerational game, call of the sea will be available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X when it launches, and it will debut on Game Pass to boot. So anyone with a Game Pass subscription can give the exclusive Xbox console a shot without having to commit any extra cash.

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In addition to revealing call of the seathe release date of, the new trailer also showcases gameplay. It seems like call of the seaGameplay will consist of plenty of puzzle solving and item collecting as players attempt to unravel the mystery behind their husband’s disappearance.

Although call of the sea is a cross-gen game that is coming to both Xbox One and Xbox Series X, it will have next-gen enhancements exclusive to the next-gen version of the game. Those who managed to get an Xbox Series X for themselves- themselves and decide to play call of the sea comes its release date on December 8, you can expect to play the game in stunning 4K resolution and a consistent 60 frames per second. According to the trailer, the game should still be visually pleasing on older hardware, so those still playing on Xbox One should still have a lot to look forward to.

call of the seaThe early December release date is interesting because it would once have conflicted with the launch of another Xbox console-exclusive game. Xbox Console Exclusive Horror Game The way was once supposed to launch on December 10, but it was delayed to January. It has been suggested that The waythe delay was so the game wouldn’t have to compete with the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 (and due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic), it is therefore interesting that call of the sea doesn’t seem to have the same issue.

In all cases, call of the seathe status of as an Xbox console exclusive should make it particularly interesting for early Xbox Series X users on its December 8 release date.

call of the sea launches December 8 on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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