Xbox Chaturdays 40: NVIDIA Reveals Xbox Games and Delayed Battlefield 2042 with Mr. Boomstick XL


For Episode 40 of Xbox Chaturdays, we’ll be joined by the one and only Mr. Boomstick XL from Double-Barrel Gaming to discuss the massive NVIDIA GeForce Now leak, new Xbox codenames, Battlefield 2042 delay and even more ! If you can’t wait to catch up on all the biggest gaming news of the week, tune into Xbox Chaturdays Live every Saturday at 12 p.m. ET!

What are Xbox Chaturdays?

Xbox Chaturdays is our weekly Windows Central Gaming podcast. Every Saturday, we sit down with various Xbox developers, enthusiasts, and industry figures to discuss all things Xbox. We’ve designed our show to provide exciting and engaging content for Xbox and PC gamers, highlighting what we love about gaming. From the best games on Xbox Game Pass to titles we can’t wait to play, there’s always something fun thing to discuss.

With Xbox Chaturdays, we’ve built up a pretty incredible following of live viewers who constantly keep the show fresh and exciting with their questions. Our show promotes community interaction and we strive to immerse our viewers in the experience. If you haven’t seen an episode before, go to Windows Central Gaming YouTube Channel to watch past episodes.

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