Xbox boss Phil Spencer provides update on Xbox console price increase


Xbox boss Phil Spencer is talking about possibly raising console prices after he said in August that Xbox wouldn’t.

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer denies the company will raise prices for its consoles, for now. In August, news broke that Sony would increase the price of its PS5 console in several regions. While these increases weren’t too drastic and current financial forecasts believe they won’t affect Sony’s sales too much, many gamers were still concerned that it would lead to price hikes across all major owners. of platforms. However, it seems that Sony is alone in this decision.


Following the news that Sony was raising the prices of the digital and disc editions of the PS5, both Nintendo and Xbox made statements denying that they would do the same. Nintendo’s UK arm hasn’t promised anything regarding its pricing strategy, but said that at this time there are no plans to raise Switch prices. These price increases didn’t come out of nowhere, and Sony tried to justify its decision to increase the cost of the PS5 due to hardware shortages around the world, which caused serious supply chain issues.

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In a new interview with CNBC, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer was again asked about the potential increase in the cost of the Xbox Series S and X. Spencer said there are “no plans today” to increase the price of either console, but this is not the case. seems like a permanent decision. Spencer couldn’t rule out the idea of ​​raising the price of Xbox consoles in the future, saying the company can’t say it “will never do anything.”

However, for now, as the economic situation around the world is uncertain, Spencer says it’s not the “right decision” to raise the price of the consoles. Additionally, Spencer spoke of the pride he has in the Xbox Series S’s position in the gaming market, being the least expensive console Microsoft has produced. The Xbox Series S has also performed well in terms of sales so far, even managing to beat the PS5 in Japan in terms of consoles sold in May.

The fact that Phil Spencer isn’t planning on raising the price of the Xbox Series S or X anytime soon will be a relief to many gamers who are still waiting to get their hands on the console. Xbox has also made its Game Pass subscription service more affordable for those who want to share an account with a few friends. The Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family plan allows up to five players to access the entire library of games available through the service.

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