Xbox April 2022 Console Update Brings HDMI-CEC Improvements


The latest Xbox system update has been released. This new version sees adding some nifty new features involving HDMI-CEC (a feature that controls how devices connected via HDMI communicate).

The first of these new features for the April update is the Mute options in Settings, which do precisely what they say: they mute all Xbox operating system sounds, such as notification sounds. However, this does not apply to the Xbox startup sound. Users can enable this feature by going to Settings > Accessibility > Audio. From there, select Disable navigation sounds, Disable notification sounds, or both.

The Xbox button can now be used to switch TV input to your Xbox console.

The other addition is the return of input to Xbox. This can be accessed via the following steps Settings > General > TV & Display Options > Device Control > HDMI CEC > Change TV Input Using Controller. But what does it do? With this option enabled, users can switch input to the Xbox console by simply pressing the Xbox button on the controller. A pretty handy feature that saves having to fumble around with the remote when you need to switch inputs on another device.

These monthly system updates are usually minor updates that see Xbox operating system tweaks and improvements.

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