Xbox 2022 Console: How to Effectively Perform a Factory Reset


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Whether you’re reselling your Xbox for a new one or giving it away as a gift, the most important step is to factory reset it and erase your personal data to make room for new ones.

While you might not have the same kind of information on your Xbox as you do on your home computer or smartphone, it’s still an easy thing you can do to protect yourself before you ditch your Xbox.

If you’ve never done a factory reset before, check out the step-by-step guide below so you can do it right.

Options for resetting your Xbox

While completely erasing your Xbox is best practice when selling or giving it away, Microsoft offers ways to remove data from your device.

You can either completely erase your Xbox or partially erase your device, depending on CNET.

To access these two options, press the Xbox button to open the guide and choose “Profile & System”. Under ‘Profile & system’, choose ‘Settings’.

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Under “Settings”, choose “System”, then choose “Console Information”.

Under “Console Information”, choose “Reset Console”. After choosing “Reset console” you will see two options: reset and delete everything, and return and keep your games and app.

If you choose to reset and delete everything, your console will reset to factory settings. During this time, if you reset and keep your games and apps, your console will reset your operating system and keep your games and apps intact.

Resetting and keeping your games and apps is a great option if you’re troubleshooting a problem with your console, according to Games radar.

If you sell your Xbox, it’s best to reset and delete everything so that your Xbox is reset to factory settings and your personal information is removed from the console.

This process is the same for all Xbox consoles, regardless of which version you want to sell or give away.

Microsoft also explains how to reset your Xbox via USB, but this process is only necessary if your Xbox isn’t showing up on your screen or you can’t access the settings menu.

Uninstall games on your Xbox

When your Xbox console is full, or if you don’t want to get rid of all the games, but there is one in particular that you want to uninstall, you can do so by going through the following:

As reported by thread of life, you must first turn on your console and press the Xbox button on your controller. On the d-pad, press down to highlight “My games & apps” and press the A button to open the menu.

Select “Games” to remove a game or app so you can remove a particular app. Use the D-pad to make sure “Games” is highlighted and press right on the d-pad so you can use it to highlight the game you want to uninstall.

Make sure you have highlighted the game you want to remove. Press the menu button on your controller and use the D-pad to highlight the “Manage” game.

Next, press the A Button to open the “Game Management” screen and select “Uninstall All”. Press the A button and highlight “Uninstall All” again.

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