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A game that shocked me last year was Riders, developed by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix. It was flashy, had an interesting concept for a story, and most importantly, I felt like a god playing it. With a key legendary gear, my pyromancer turned my enemies to ashes in an instant. While it didn’t feel completely balanced or have the most engaging post-game, I enjoyed my time with it. So to know that more content was finally coming in the form of world killer outridersI was ready to come back. Unfortunately, for better or worse, this DLC is a bit more of the same.

In Outrider world killer, you continue your adventure as an Outrider. After stopping a threat that would end all of humanity on Enoch, another arose. A huge storm is slowly encircling the planet, and you and your team must find out why. However, this threat seems to be much more than meets the eye as a new rebel leader plots to wipe out your faction with this storm. But on this journey you will not only discover the story of Enoch, but also why you have superpowers and what other secrets this planet has in store for you. Some secrets could lead to saving humanity; others could lead to its destruction.

I will be frank. If you don’t care about the main game’s story, you care about this one even less. I didn’t mind Riders story when I first played it. But with world killer? Maybe it was the time since I last played, but I didn’t care why I was going on this killing spree. I tried to be careful. I really did. But I could barely find reasons to stay engaged during cutscenes. Even paying attention, there were plenty of times where the game’s story felt like it was jumping. Not just in logic, but in overall storytelling to keep the gameplay moving.

Does this mean that I was disappointed with all the time I spent with world killer outriders? No. I always had as much, if not more pleasure in coming back. I think that was partly due to all the changes that have been implemented since its original release. Especially with balancing, each fight felt more like a challenge that made me change my loadouts to win. Which I didn’t think was often needed in my initial playthrough after unlocking weapon upgrades. For world killerthe most notable changes were the new class skill trees, new enemies, gear changes, and Tarya Gratar, the new post-game.

Each class has two new skill trees to add more depth. As a Pyromancer, my new skill trees were called Gunblazer and Pyromaniac. One focused on getting my weapons out on enemies affected by my abilities. The other further enhanced my rad abilities. I went with the latter, Pyromaniac. Even with only five new skill points, I could tell how much these new skills have changed the way I play. At the end of world killer, I was playing very differently from how I started. Especially with the focus on the Heat Bomb and Eruption, I couldn’t help but laugh at the destruction I was causing on the battlefield. This was all due to the amount of damage dealt by these new talents and the reduction in my cooldowns. Combine that with the gear changes, and I was a god again.

Along with gear, a new third armor mod has been added courtesy of Apocalypse Gear. These new mods were unmoddable but added a good variety to the loot table. My favorite piece, which I luckily found early on, reduced all my cooldowns by three seconds if all my abilities were on cooldown. Since you know how much I relied on my abilities, you can probably tell why I liked it so much (so many resistance members were turned into heat bombs). I didn’t collect too many of these parts, but each of them felt noticeably more powerful than their standard counterparts. As this is a drop in luck, with higher chances at higher Apocalypse levels (the new version of challenge levels), this gave a great reason to keep the Apocalypse level as high as possible.

world killer outriders

While I appreciated the more balanced gameplay and the incentive to play on the higher levels of Apocalypse, there was one enemy that looked like a real challenge. With each faction, a new executioner style enemy has been added. This enemy was a Tank– a full bullet sponge that also dealt a ton of damage. At first, I hated facing them because they felt too powerful. That changed, however, once I was able to read their moves and relearned how I could use fodder to deal more damage to them. Also, because these enemies were melee-focused, they were great rivals to my more ranged/pick-em-off-one-at-a-time approach.

Finally, Tarya Gratar. This Lost City is gorgeous in its design and is a really great rogue-lite addition. Instead of the usual expeditions, this is a full-fledged dungeon where you explore this city to uncover its secrets. There are branching rooms that lead to treasures, punishing bosses, and plenty of awesome loot to find. During my two runs, I found myself enjoying this honestly more than the base game. Mainly because it’s challenging in its own way and rewards risk and exploration far more than anything else in Riders done before.

But, I found myself more annoyed by some bugs or glitches that I remember having in the base game. Many times I got stuck in a corner by enemies, all of which led to my death every time – not being able to roll sucks. It sucks even more when they’re all hammering me, and I can’t get shot or recover any health. On top of that, the difficulty spikes continued. The final boss and new enemy types were punishing. But they only felt unfair due to the huge amount of damage caused by some of their attacks. As if being blocked by an attack could result in death in seconds. Which I only remember happening during the final boss of the first game due to several overpowered mechanics.

Outriders Worldslayer, while introducing fun new additions, ended up being more Riders For the best or for the worst. By that, I mean that in the end, you’re going to think this DLC was worth it based on how much you enjoyed the base game. There is no revolutionary overhaul of the systems. They either built on what already existed or were simply reorganized to fit the theme (looking at you, Apocalypse levels). One thing is for sure: People Can Fly can make a fun game even more fun, whether it ends up being good or not.

world killer outriders is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Google Stadia and PC.

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Outriders Worldslayer, while introducing fun new additions, ended up being more Riders for better or for worse… There is no revolutionary overhaul of the systems. They either built on what was already there or just reorganized to fit the theme (looking at you, Apocalypse levels). One thing is for sure: People Can Fly can make a fun game even more fun, whether it ends up being good or not.


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