With the Project Scarlett upgrade option, Xbox All Access financing is back. Oak Park Financial


Microsoft is resurrecting Xbox All Access and increasing its availability to include the United Kingdom and Australia $1000 loan limit. The financing scheme will resume in November through Amazon in the United States. Meanwhile, All Access will be accessible in Australia and the United Kingdom in October and November.

What are the financing options?

The most economical tier currently starts at $19.99 per month for two years, thanks to the arrival of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. Alternatively, you may have an Xbox One S or an Xbox One X for $22.99 monthly for twenty-four months or $30.99 per month for twenty-four months, respectively. 

Regardless of the system you choose, you’ll get a 24-month subscription to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate package, which combines Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. The former allows you to play games online and receive Microsoft Store discounts, while the latter is a monthly subscription service from Microsoft that includes over 100 titles. When the numbers are added up, all three tiers represent a saving over buying the devices outright and buying the services separately.

What about Microsoft’s Next Generation?

You’ll be allowed to upgrade to Microsoft’s next-generation console once Project Scarlett launches next holiday season. You can qualify if you’ve paid at least 18 payments on your current purchase and returned your console, controller, and power cord in “good functioning order.” If you’re upgrading from the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, you’ll have to pay an extra $20.

If you buy an Xbox One X, you’ll be able to upgrade to Project Scarlett after paying for it for twelve months. This is a limited-time promotion that will essentially allow you to get your hands on Scarlett as soon as it becomes available. The hitch is that the next-gen system will require you to qualify for and sign a new twenty-four-month finance contract. Microsoft hasn’t stated how much an Xbox All Access subscription for a Project Scarlett console will cost.

The future of console financing

This partnership also makes signing up for Game Pass more tempting, and Microsoft is excited about the prospect of subscription-based consoles in the future. Everyone wants their game subscription service to become popular very fast, knowing that players have a limit on how many services they will join up for. This is part of a larger scheme.

As a result, everybody added to the service is more than worth the deferred money from players who otherwise might not have purchased the system.


The good news is that everything is going well: Microsoft’s and players’ interests are aligned. No worries if you don’t want an Xbox One. It’s still possible to purchase one and pay the full retail price upfront! However, if you want to spread the cost of the system and its services over two years and save money in the process, you may now do so. There are no hidden traps here; just an easy method to get your hands on the current 4K gaming and media console champion.


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