Windows 10 PCs can now play Xbox games directly on the app


A new update was released today for Windows 10 PCs that allows direct streaming of console games from the Xbox app. Ultimate Game Pass subscribers can now stream their console games directly to their PC and won’t need a download.

While this seems like a simple update that probably should have arrived earlier than now, it is an important update for PC owners. Since gamers will be able to stream games, those without the fastest and most powerful computers can still play high quality games.

All that is required is an Ultimate Game Pass and a console, which is a significantly lower asking price than a bloated PC. This will allow gamers to have more accessibility to try out games that they wouldn’t have on their PC. While game streaming on different gaming platforms is still in its infancy, Microsoft is showing the world what it can look like later on.

Earlier this summer, Microsoft announced plans to add the Xbox app to smart TVs, which will allow gamers to stream Xbox games directly to their TVs. This, along with streaming Windows 10, shows that Microsoft is investing in giving gamers a plethora of options for playing Xbox games. This means that gamers who originally thought they had no way to play the latest games may soon find that they will be spoiled with options.

Cloud streaming directly to the Xbox Windows 10 app can only be used for games on Game Pass. Other games downloaded to the console can still be streamed but must use the Remote Play app.

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