Why Xbox games with Gold for September 2021 will be crucial for the direction of the service



The Xbox Games with Gold program has seen many ups and downs this year, especially since the quality of the free games it offers to subscribers has often been questioned. However, the program received a positive reception this month, and gamers were mostly happy with the range of games made available to the program.

The big question that most subscribers are probably asking themselves now is, will Microsoft maintain the August 2021 success throughout the year? Of course, the answer to this question will be clearer once the company announces the upcoming Xbox Games with Gold roster, which is why September will be crucial in determining the direction of the program going forward.

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Xbox games with Gold for September 2021 could make or break the service

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The official lineup of Xbox games with Gold for September 2021 remains a mystery, given that Microsoft typically announces the new roster towards the end of the month. However, given the constant questioning of Games with Gold’s declining value, many wonder if the positive reception the program has received this month is a signal that Microsoft is now committed to ensuring that ‘it satisfies its paying subscribers.

While Xbox Live Gold subscriber requests vary from player to player, the changes most requested by fans are a better selection of free games and the inclusion of at least one next-gen title. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s ability to include full-blown Xbox Series X / S games on Games with Gold appears to be dwindling over time. It should be noted that the service has never included an Xbox Series X / S game, except for the next-gen version of Gears 5 which was included in the February list. By comparison, Sony’s PS Plus service has included a PS5 game since the console’s release last November.

While Microsoft has never addressed the lack of next-gen support for Xbox games with Gold, the company is likely reserving Xbox Series X / S games for Xbox Game Pass, especially since the company is consistent in the promotion. of service as the future of Xbox Gaming. However, even without next-gen games, the Xbox Games with Gold program could still thrive in making sure its roster includes popular AAA and indie titles instead of niche games that no one has even heard of.

What could happen if the September 2021 free games with gold turned out to be another disappointment?

Xbox games with Gold vs Game Pass

Sadly, there’s still a possibility that the success of the August 2021 Free Gold Games was just one of a kind. It should be remembered that the February Games with Gold also received a positive reception, only to make players disappoint again once the list of titles for March was revealed. If that happened again in September, it wouldn’t be surprising for Microsoft to see the start of the decline in Xbox Live Gold subscribers, with some moving to Xbox Game Pass.

Ultimately, September 2021 could mean one of two ways for Xbox Live Gold. First, Microsoft may be able to wow its subscribers again with a better range of free games that would ensure the longevity of the program, especially against Xbox Game Pass. However, the second scenario could see the company revert to its old ways, causing its loyal subscribers to switch to Xbox Game Pass instead.

In some ways, maybe that’s what Microsoft wanted from the start. Despite constant rumors that the company is considering shutting down Xbox Live Gold, Microsoft continues to deny these claims. Probably the company doesn’t want to shut down Xbox Live Gold just yet while most Xbox One gamers are still thinking about which next-gen console to get. However, once the company is happy with the number of players owning the Xbox Series X / S, it could mark the end of Xbox Live Gold and the start of the big migration to Xbox Game Pass.

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