Why Scalebound Could Be Coming to Microsoft’s Xbox Console


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  • Scalebound has been dead for a while now, but there are still several interests in the game from players and people involved in development.
  • If Microsoft gives it a stamp, play can continue in Platinum games that want it back.
  • However, if development were to continue at Microsoft, it would be for the new Xbox Series X.

It’s been a while since Microsoft officially announced that it will cancel Scalebound, the action-adventure game developed by PlatinumGames.

Microsoft didn’t give details on why Scalebound was canceled, other than stating that after several attempts to get the game’s development back on track, it decided to pull the plug.

The development team behind the title has since moved on to other projects, but it looks like the studios are still interested in the IP and may revisit it at some point in the future.

Developer Views

Since its cancellation, many gamers have shown a lot of interest hoping that Microsoft will redesign and renew it. The developers also always have a lot of interest in renewing the game.

Sometimes in an interview you will hear a developer hoping that Microsoft will come back to the game. Many of them are passionate about Scalebound and would like to continue working on the game.

Game developers say they could resume scalebound development, if the opportunity arises. They want to have a proper discussion with Microsoft about reviving the game.

Any discussion of Scalebound’s relaunch with Microsoft should include serious consideration of the title’s fate.

Scalebound Development

Scalebound was developed by Platinum Games on behalf of Microsoft’s Xbox One console and Windows operating system sometime ago.

When the game was announced to the public, it received a lot of attention from players interested in its features. After the public announcement, it took another few years before Microsoft released it due to delays caused by technical issues.

The game, which takes place in a world that is a mixture of fantasy, had player control which is assisted by a dragon, which he can control.

The graphics of the game were amazing and the gameplay looked extremely promising. The title was supposed to be published by Microsoft Studios but was later canceled.

It’s unclear if Microsoft owns any rights to the Scalebound concept or intellectual property, or if it’s entirely something PlatinumGames can continue to develop on its own.

But if development were to continue, the game could likely be released on the next Microsoft Xbox hardwareas well as Windows PCs.

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