Who was the very first person to buy an Xbox console? Did he get it for free?


Have you ever wondered who was the first person to own an Xbox console? Have you ever wondered how it all started in 2001? Let’s take a look at the big launch day and find out who the first person to buy the console was. And of course, did he get it for free? The very first Xbox was released in 2001, about twenty years ago.


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Since then, a lot has changed on Xbox. Xbox now offers more power, more immersion, and just a much better overall experience.

Who was the first person to buy the new industry leading console?


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None other than Bill Gates presented the very first Xbox console to Edward Glucksman on November 15, 2001, in Times Square.

Plus, Bill Gates wanted to be there and just wanted to hand over the very first Xbox console. Back then, Microsoft painted all of Times Square green with Xbox logos all over it.

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The Big Day – The very first Xbox launch

The logo was on all the big billiards with thousands of people lining up for the launch to buy the console. It was one of those moments of the new millennium and it was unforgettable.

They also made it possible for all gamers to just hang out and test all of these games on Xbox.


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Recalling this iconic day, Edward Glucksman said: “20 years old, first time in town alone. I get on a bus and show up in Times Square. I go straight to the new Toys “R” Us and look for the line. I am ready to stay there all day. Bill Gates broke down in front of a game console, shook my hand and said, “Are you ready to play?” And then we were playing Fusion Frenzy. He couldn’t beat me. I really enjoyed beating Bill Gates.

After the ultimate countdown, Bill Gates gave Edward Glucksman the very first Xbox for free, of course. A 20 year old boy who just wanted to buy an Xbox became popular overnight. This is something Glucksman will never be able to forget in this lifetime.


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Currently, Microsoft is actively working to keep its consumers and users happy by expanding its library.


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