Who is Courtney Baker-Richardson? A professional footballer is injured while playing Xbox games


Courtney Baker-Richardson, a 26-year-old professional footballer from England, made headlines after innocently injuring herself while playing Xbox.

It’s no secret that playing football at a professional level can lead to a lot of injuries. Many people suffer from various muscle-related spasms, swellings, and tears. However, Courtney apparently injured her leg while playing games on her console.

It has been revealed that the striker, who plays for Crewe Alexandra, managed to injure his leg after falling on the sofa. It should also be noted that Courtney Baker-Richardson had recurring leg injuries. Regardless of the odd nature of the crash, it remains unfortunate for the League 2 side (the 4th tier of the English Professional League).

Courtney Baker-Richardson and her strange injury

Courtney Baker-Richardson suffered an Xbox-related injury (Image via Sportskeeda)
Courtney Baker-Richardson suffered an Xbox-related injury (Image via Sportskeeda)

Getting injured while playing Xbox is a special event – ​​one that Crewe Alexandra’s Courtney Baker-Richardson managed to pull off. The striker has enjoyed a strong start to the season having scored seven goals in the first 12 matches (in all competitions).

Losing him in an accident is certainly a blow for the manager. Regarding the injury, gaffer Alex Morris said:

“He did it in a harmless way, which is about ok for us with injuries at the moment…”

He further continued:

“He did it while playing on his Xbox. He dropped his leg on the couch and adjusted it.”

Alex Morris also revealed that Courtney had recurring issues with that particular part of her body. He further added:

“It’s a part of his body where he’s had problems before. There’s nothing we can do about it, but he’s undergoing treatment and I hope it gets better.”

Fans react to Courtney’s injury

Fans have already shared a host of memes and trolls regarding the EFL League 2 player’s bizarre injury. Observing the incredible nature of the incident, Twitter users posted this:

@IGN Just like the NHL’s Dustin Penner injured himself “eating a stack of pancakes.” It’s the least embarrassing story he can think of to hide the truth.

@IGN it’s not at all lmao

@IGN Playstation players are more athletic

@IGN Ok, it’s one thing if it’s a hand injury. But how the hell did he hurt his leg

Courtney Baker Richardson has since commented on the manager’s remarks. The 26-year-old took to his Twitter account to say he was injured for ‘carrying’ his friends into Warzone. He also comically asked his fans for suggestions for a good gaming massage chair.

The footballer's response (Image via Twitter/CBR_9)
The footballer’s response (Image via Twitter/CBR_9)

Were there any other strange injuries?

While being injured on the court is the norm, Courtney’s case is not an isolated one. Many footballers in the past have been injured for several strange reasons.

Former Chelsea FC goalkeeper David Beasant has ‘cut’ his tendon after trying to grab a jar of salad cream with his leg. Former Aston Villa full-back Alan Wright was injured after overextending his leg trying to put his foot on the accelerator.

Former England international David Batty has once been injured after being hit by a child on a tricycle. Former Stoke City midfielder Liam Lawrence reportedly tripped over his pet Labrador on the stairs, causing him an ankle injury.

Of the names added to the list of players with freak injuries, none gets bigger than Alessandro Nesta. The Italian legend fractured a tendon in one of his thumbs after playing PlayStation games all night.

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