What’s new in March 2022 for Xbox Games with Gold members


Xbox Games with Gold continues to release new games every month for its subscribers. February was a relatively good month for gaming, and March seems to be following suit!

here are the march offerings and dates of availability:

  • The Flame in the Flood, March 1 to 31
  • street power football, March 16 to April 15
  • Sacred 2 fallen angel, March 1 to 15
  • Truth or SpongeBob SquarePants March 16 to 31

Xbox Games with Gold March Highlights

The Flame in the Flood is your roguelike game of the month. Play like a girl with her dog as you travel by foot and raft through a forgotten, post-societal America. You will search for resources, avoid wildlife and try to stay healthy in crazy wilderness. One thing that differs in this roguelike game is that death is permanent, although you can start from your last save point.

The game looks good too, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it was created by the art director for BioShock.

street power football is your next choice and is more than just a football game. There are plenty of modes to choose from, and the focus is more on footwork and style than actual gameplay. It looks more like a Mario Strikers game than anything else. You can choose to play freestyle, participate in trickshot competitions, play 3v3 matches or just play story mode and find out how to become king.

sacred 2 fallen angel is your action RPG for March and the prequel to Sacred, which was released in 2004. Choose Light or Shadow for the stories and progress through the campaign, and it doesn’t matter which one you choose because the world is full of NPCs and side quests galore, and it’s a fan-favorite RPG for a raison. In addition, there is the possibility of playing in multiplayer! The possibilities are limitless!

The last is Truth or SpongeBob SquarePants an action-adventure platformer. SpongeBob forgot Krabby Patty’s recipe, and you have to try to remember how to get it back. Play as SpongeBob and use Plankton’s memory machine to remember happier times. The levels you go through are different episodes of the series. It’s a dumb game, but check it out if you like Spongebob and platformers.

The February offer of Aerial_Knight never give in is still available for download until March 14.


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