War between PlayStation and Xbox Console switches to Nike / Adidas branded shoes



The war of PlayStation consoles against Xbox is about to shift from gaming to something very different – shoes. The two gaming brands of Sony and Microsoft have partnered with leading sportswear and apparel brands Nike and Adidas to produce PlayStation and Xbox themed shoes.

The PlayStation / Nike shoe was unveiled last Tuesday and features a special collaboration with Los Angeles Clippers’ NBA star Paul George. According to him, the project was co-designed with Yujin Morisawa, the artist behind the PlayStation 5 console. Here are the highlights of the design:

  • As with all of my PlayStation collaborations, the tongues of the shoe bear the PG and PlayStation logos.
  • The colors of the shoe are strongly inspired by the industrial design of the PS5 with references on the liner and the outsole.
  • It wouldn’t be a true collaboration with PlayStation if we didn’t include the iconic PlayStation shapes, which are spotted along each shoe in the same pattern as on the DualSense wireless controller.
  • Each pair also comes with a special hang tag celebrating my continued partnership with my favorite gaming brand.

The PG 5 PlayStation 5 colorway will be available from May 14 in select regions.

Credits to the resort.

As for Xbox, the collaboration with Adidas is not official yet, but Complex has managed to get the truth and a leaked image of the actual shoes). The partnership is actually for a series of sneakers, starting with the Xbox x Adidas Forum Tech Boost (pictured above) which is expected in June and continues with two more Xbox x Adidas sneakers set to debut in October and November. . Complex adds that this is only a “first round sample” and the end product could be different.

Yet in this whole new avenue of war between PlayStation and Xbox consoles, which one would you choose based on the footage that has been released so far? Take the survey below and add your comments too!

PlayStation / Nike or Xbox / Adidas?
  • Xbox / Adidas 54%, 1131 vote

    1131 vote

    1131 votes – 54% of all votes

  • PlayStation / Nike 28%, 592 voice

    592 voice

    592 votes – 28% of all votes

  • Or 15%, 307 voice

    307 voice

    307 votes – 15% of all votes

  • Undecided 3%, 55 voice

    55 voice

    55 votes – 3% of all votes

Total number of votes: 2,085

May 9, 2021
May 16, 2021

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