Up your game with the best Xbox games in 2022


Shifting release schedules to delays due to the pandemic, the first half of 2022 forced us to sift through the Xbox game releases. We had to separate the wheat from the chaff to present the list of the best xbox games in 2022. There are plenty of new Xbox games, including the August games with the Gold lineup. All the Xbox Live Gold members get exclusive access to games (for a limited time) including Calico, ScourgeBringer, Saint’s Row 2 and Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine. Here are our picks from the first half.

Infinite Halo: The legendary series returns with new content that effectively dramatizes the epic conflict between man and an alien menace. It’s time to step into the Master Chief’s armor and explore the breadth of the Halo Ring. Prepare to face ruthless enemies on your Xbox One and other consoles outside of your PC.

Forza Horizon 5: Fun driving action awaits daredevil drivers through Mexico’s ever-changing landscapes, all aboard the world’s greatest cars. Get a chance to meet new characters on the way and choose the results of your Horizon History assignments. From intense tropical storms to towering dust storms, there’s no challenge you can’t overcome. This game is available on your Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and the Windows pc.

Gear Tactics: Survive, recruit and fight to save the day from the monstrous threat rising from below, the Locust Horde. Like the defiant soldier Gabe Diaz, you are accompanied by a customizable team and equipment collected in difficult missions. The unstoppable and swarming enemy is no match for your team. This turn-based strategy game lets you outsmart your enemies in exciting ways. This Xbox game is included with your Xbox Game Pass and on Windows PCs.

The King of Fighters XV: With its engaging characters and new gameplay system, this fighting game series delights players with an unparalleled online experience in the form of dynamic characters and flamboyant adventures. The toughest fighters in the world king of fighters compete in the martial arts tournament. A myriad of patterns, resurrected fighters, and a brewing storm make this game a great option for anyone familiar with the series.

Output: Looking for the best multiplayer Xbox games? Identify your friend and get ready to play the role of convicts who have to plan and execute a prison escape. It’s a great game that emphasizes teamwork and presents compelling stealth and puzzle opportunities for players. Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can play this game without any additional purchases. You can share the buddy pass with your friend to play with you online without buying this game.

From unlocking new superpowers to working with your army to save the day, the best Xbox games of 2022 are all about exploration and experimentation. In a year filled with a few good games, these games stand out as top picks for Xbox fans. It is recommended to join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. With this subscription, you have the chance to discover your next favorite Xbox game with Xbox Live Gold and hundreds of high-quality games. Take your pick and play games with your friends in multiplayer mode on console and PC and get an EA Play membership, for one low monthly price.



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