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Unconnected: the world apart Alien Pixel Studios is a platform and puzzle game with a fantastic style and aesthetic. The whole game has gorgeous visuals and players will be immediately drawn to its world. While he may have the visuals nailed down, does his gameplay live up to it given that the genre he belongs in is quite densely populated right now?

In Unconnected: the world apart, players will take on the role of Soli, a talented young mage who can open portals. These portals are the main “gimmick” in the game and, damn it, does it use it well. As a Soli, you will open portals that each do different things. These can either slow down time, make you tiny, reverse gravity, or change the world around you and more in different ways. Portals are the base game mechanic of the game and Alien Pixel Studios has really gone above and beyond to make it work amazingly well throughout the game.

The story of Unconnected: the world apart involves Soli traveling through the mysterious world to prevent an evil force from tearing up reality. From the start of the game, Soli was scheduled to attend a purification ceremony but was distracted by a luminous beast he summoned. While Soli was on the hunt for this creature, a portal to a dark world opened and Soli’s village was ravaged by the forces of evil. On her return to the village, Soli’s mother is killed, but not before she orders her child to flee the village. Things get out of hand pretty quickly and it immediately hooks you.

The story unfortunately takes a step back into the game after that, with the main focus of the game being its precision platforming. This is not a “metroidvania” title but rather a platform game that relies on player skills and good timing to cross zones.

Solve puzzles in Unconnected: the world apart involves players using portals to alter reality so that Soli can overcome obstacles. There are 10 different portals available in the game and they have been masterfully woven into the fabric of the game’s platform. Players will sometimes find it difficult to navigate certain level segments, but after some trial and error and good timing. using the portal, you will be able to be successful.

Fortunately, Unconnected: the world apart is not really a difficult game. The game also saves regularly and if you die you instantly respawn right before where you died. You won’t lose tons of progress if you die while platforming through a level and it certainly alleviates a lot of the frustration with playing games like this.

Graphically, Unconnected: the world apart is stunningly beautiful, with the visuals looking so beautiful throughout the game. This, coupled with the portals that instantly change surroundings, means you’ll be in awe of the hand-drawn illustrations of the game from start to finish. Unconnected: the world apart It also has a rather relaxed soundtrack with lots of piano music playing in the background. This, combined with some amazing visuals, leads to a recipe for the platform’s success.

Players will have access to a map and there is a flashback in the game as well as a fast travel system that makes it easier to traverse the fairly large map. There are also a lot of “Lost Villagers” hidden in the game that function as collectibles. Rescuing these villagers further explains the story of the game through tiny pieces of lore, but players don’t really have to collect them all to enjoy them. Unconnected: the world apart. These villagers will keep the finalists busy though as some of them are extremely well hidden or require a lot of creative platforming and the use of portals to rescue.

Players will find that Unconnected: the world apart is not exactly a very difficult game. The varied platform that results from using different portals keeps every area of ​​the game fresh and although there is no real combat, using portals and their effects to defeat enemies is very satisfying. . There are also enemy bosses and these battles are great as you will have to learn their patterns and apply proper portal use to defeat them.

Globally, Unconnected: the world apart is a remarkably awesome platform puzzle with precision gameplay aspects. You will die a lot. However, the game never gets really frustrating and rather feels incredibly satisfying to go through. This is especially true when using portals like an extraordinary professional mage explorer while dodging enemies and projectiles. If you are looking for a beautiful and atmospheric puzzle platform with addicting gameplay, Unconnected: the world apart is for you.

Developer: Alien Pixel Studios
Designer: Sergiu Craitoiu
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and Series S, PLUS

This game has been tested on PC

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