Two new Xbox games will be free via Games With Gold for February 2022


Yeah we know that Game pass It might be the biggest draw on Xbox Land right now, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore all the other freebies that come your way. In fact, when the long time Xbox games with gold program shows up at your doorstep with two new Xbox games that you don’t need to pay for, you really should sit down and listen. Especially when one of those games is the shiny Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield.

As mid-February 2022 kicks in, the Xbox Games With Gold program shifts its focus, looking to attack everyone with a two-pronged delivery of new free games. These games are Never Yield, super unique and pretty brilliant, and old school Band of Bugs.

Following the removal of prices from Broken Sword 5 (a game that’s still free until the end of February) and Hydrophobia (sorry, if you didn’t download it for free, you missed the mark) are two crackers.

It’s Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield that’s the biggest draw, especially since the free nature and zero price download come right after a big old update for the game. A super sleek runner in which you must help Wally escape the threat, Never Yield is free to play through Games With Gold until mid-March 2022.

With it comes the “Da Update,” the latest free addition to the game that adds all new story beats, graphics overhauls, and more. With the base game already well on its way to stardom, only let down by its short nature, there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t play this one right away. In fact, it’s one of the best free Games With Gold titles of recent times – download it right away from the Xbox Store. All you have to do is flash your valid Xbox Live Gold membership and this download can be yours.

Racing alongside Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is a much older title – one that first released in 2007 on the old Xbox Live Arcade. Band of Bugs is the name, and insect-themed stealth is the game. It pits you against bugs, spiders, and more in a fast-paced, tactical-style strategy affair.

We’ll be honest, it’s been a looooong time since we’ve spent even a minute in the land of Band of Bugs, and we don’t quite know how this native Xbox 360 title holds up today in a dominated world. by the power of the Xbox Series X|S, but for free, you might as well grab a copy right now. You have until the end of February 2022 to visit the Xbox Shop Page and press the download button.

As always, let us know what you think of these latest Xbox Games With Gold freebies by posting in the comments below. And stay tuned for the next batch of free goodies made available through the program for March 2022 soon.


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