Two more free Xbox games become available through Games With Gold


As has been the custom for God knows how many years now, in the middle of each month two additional games become free for those who use the Xbox games with gold schedule, and January 2022 is no different.

Starting today, the two new games that are so generously offered to Xbox gamers are Space Invaders Infinity Gene and Aground. Both can be found for free on the Xbox Store, so there’s really no reason not to download and give them a try.

First of all, Space Invaders Infinity Gene was originally a mobile title from 2008 and an Xbox 360 title from 2010, but is now available on all Xbox consoles. It initially starts out as your standard Space Invaders, high score fare, but will start to evolve in a plethora of weird ways.

With new power-ups, features, and maps (Spiral Space Invaders, anyone?), Infinity Gene’s 143 stages will all be unique. Add to that the tricky challenge mode and the obvious inclusion of leaderboards, and it’s one of the biggest draws of “one more go”. Space Invaders Infinity Gene is only available for free during the second half of January – it’s only available for free until January 31st – hurry! You should see this one rolling out for free right now – and if not, keep checking back because it’ll be here soon.

Second, 2021 Failed is a whole different beast from Space Invaders Infinity Gene, and given our 4.5/5 rating from our review, it’s definitely worth the money.

What we have here is a mining/crafting RPG somewhat resembling the hit Terraria. It has an incredibly intriguing narrative threaded throughout the gameplay loop of gathering resources to create the next big thing, with the ultimate goal of getting to space, as part of a desperate attempt to save space. ‘humanity. Aground might have a cute art style, but spend enough time in this pixelated world and many more secrets start to appear. Aground is available via Games With Gold for a bit longer than Space Invaders Infinity Gene: you can grab Aground for free until February 15.

But as we all know by now, every time we see two new games enter the Games With Gold landscape, we have to say goodbye to the others. Luckily, the rogue-lite twin-stick shooter NeuroVoider stays until Jan 31, but bullet hell Radiant Silvergun has now left Games With Gold. If you were planning on picking that one, I’m afraid you’re out of luck.

We’d like to know if you’re planning on checking out any of the games now available on Games With Gold. The comments section below invites you…


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