Twitch streamers and gaming community aim to help Ukrainians


With the need for help growing, game studios and content creators are scrambling to provide much-needed aid to the war in Ukraine, even via Twitch.

It’s hard to deny that the fight is only getting worse as Russia continues to push its brutal assault on Ukraine. But as armies move, game studios and content creators are doing what they can to improve the situation on the ground. From the need for food and supplies to the urgent need for medical attention as the situation drags on, there is more need than ever to help those on the ground struggling with the situation.

Studios such as 11 Bit Studios, creators of This war of mine, as well as publishers like CD Projekt are working to donate to the cause. Even Wargaming, creators of tank world, donated $1,000,000 to the Ukrainian Red Cross. GSC Game World, the studio behind STALKER 2 took to Twitter to ask for support and give details on how people could donate to help Ukraine’s armed forces.

“Our country is forced to fight again for existence,” reads the text accompanying GSC Game World’s Ukraine videos. “Seems like that’s the price of freedom. Now, we strive to help our employees and their families survive. The development of the game has moved to the sidelines. But we will definitely continue. After the victory. Glory to Ukraine.”

Frogware, manufacturers of sherlock holmes and The sinking city, also spoke about the situation, describing how important this time is and imploring the world to step in and help. Even through it all, the team is working to release games and support the games they already have in the market, something amazing to imagine, especially with everything going on.

Studios such as Bungie, Crytek, Ubisoft and even The Pokémon Company have spoken out, taking a stand against the conflict, while finding ways to help people who are currently facing very uncertain times in the days and weeks to come. to come.

Modiphius Entertainment, known for its tabletop miniatures and board games, also took a stand on the situation with Chris and Rita Birch, founders of Modiphius Entertainment, explaining, “We are actively helping our Ukraine-based freelancers and clients, and as action immediately, announcing that from now until midnight PST on March 6th, all proceeds from Modiphius online store PDF sales will be donated to frontline humanitarian relief efforts. In the meantime, we will also explore other ways to help. »

Assemble Entertainment will also donate revenue contributions from its “Save the World” editions of its games on Steam, with Founder and CEO Stefan Marcinek explaining, “We have collectively decided to donate the Save the World Edition contributions collected in march to the Ukrainian Red Cross in the hope of alleviating some of the suffering endured by the people of Ukraine as we look forward to a speedy and peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Beyond that, streamers and content creators are looking for ways to help, looking to raise awareness of the situation as well as ways for their watchers to donate to the cause. One of those streamers, Kripparrian, decided to do a charity stream on March 3 at 10 p.m. EST specifically to raise awareness and support where needed.

“Rania (my wife and business partner) and I think it’s extremely important to support Ukraine through this crisis,” Kripparrian explained in response to our question on the stream. “It’s not only that crimes against humanity are taking place, but we also have friends who are currently in the war zone at the moment. We have already donated ourselves, but we believe that we “We can raise awareness of what’s going on through a charity stream. There aren’t any extravagant plans to promote our charity stream, we just want to educate our viewers and give them a convenient way to help.”

Kripparrian will use the Streamlabs Charity platform for the stream, making it easy for viewers to jump in and give what they can afford. In addition to donations made by the public, Streamlabs has offered to match all donations up to $100,000, which is not a better time to step in and help if you can.

Gaming is a great way to bring people together, and with these and other movements, the industry is showing that it can do good and help during a humanitarian crisis. For anyone looking to help out with a donation, the Ukrainian Red Cross is on the ground finding help for people during this turbulent time. For anyone wanting to join Kripparrian’s stream, you can follow him on Twitch or this Twitter to find out about all its current and upcoming events.


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