Trombone Champ Developers Respond to Demand for New Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox Console Ports


trombone champion the developers answered our questions about a possible Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox console port. is a big hit among the PC Gaming and streaming community, it’s just fun to play.

The problem is that it’s only one platform, which could be about to change thanks to an exclusive conversation with Holy Wow Studios and a Trombone Champ console port.

trombone champion | Trailer

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trombone champion | Trailer





Trombone Champ Developers Respond to Demand for Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox Console Port

Want to play Trombone Champ on Xbox, PlayStation or Switch? So are we, but it’s not the ideal setup to play the game according to developer Holy Wow Studios. Yes, the game can be played with a controller, but using the mouse to control pitch and the keyboard to play a note is a winning competition. It’s actually a well-thought-out controller mechanism.

A Nintendo Switch port with motion controls would surely be a hit. Wii Music has talked about it, so it won’t be a hard sell for Ninty enthusiasts.

A PlayStation 5 port would work wonders if it also took advantage of haptic controls. Imagine using the left and right triggers to simulate playing the trumpet or even the DualSense touchpad.

Xbox customers could have the most basic experience that would emulate the controller setup of the Steam version. Although the Xbox Series X/S supports keyboard and mouse input, it is still possible to have the original Trombone Champ experience on the console.

Is a Trombone Champ console port coming?

While we can’t 100% confirm that Trombone Champ console ports exist, we can confirm that Holy Wow is now considering the possibility of a console port. This is thanks to how the game has been received by gamers around the world. Here is the full quote:

“We know there is a strong demand for console ports. We hope to review the logistics as soon as possible!

We’ve reached out for more feedback and will update as needed.

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