Toys R Us stores have reopened in Illinois


Toys R Us kids across the country were thrilled to hear that their favorite childhood toy store was making a comeback after all stores closed in 2018, but now that they’re back, most people are less than thrilled.

Toys-R-US will close more than 150 stores nationwide

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Toys R Us Favorite Memories

Like most kids, when I was little, going to the Toys R Us store near the CherryVale Mall was like visiting my own piece of heaven here on Earth. I could spend HOURS browsing the toy aisles trying to decide which toy I wanted to spend my pocket money on, even though I knew full well I’d walk out of there with a new Barbie or My Little Pony.

Before the Rockford store closed in 2018, my eldest daughter Ella was old enough to remember and fall in love with Toys R Us too, and, no kidding, she just asked me a few weeks ago if Toys R Us would ever open again. Now I can say YES, Toys R Us is back, but I don’t think you’re going to like it.

Disappointment for Toys R Us Kids

When rumors started circulating that Toys R Us would return as Fflagship stores inside Macy’s places across the United States, I think we all knew these new “stores” would never be as cool as the originals, but we always had hopes that wouldn’t be true. Well, that’s true, at least as far as Toys R Us in Rockford is concerned.

The Rockford Registry Star recently did a story about the Toys R Us store that just opened inside Macy’s at the CherryVale Mall, and while I haven’t visited that store yet, I’m pretty sure I won’t be impressed afterwards reading the comments on this Facebook post…

Some of the comments that stood out to me the most include;

It’s a scam. Nothing like what Toys R Us used to be. You can get the same limited selection at Walmart.

Went last weekend to check it out, was disappointed. I hope they consider expanding. It was very minimal.

Unfortunately, it looks nothing like their original store. Some toys are on display in the children’s clothing section. Maybe they have future plans to move it. Farm and Fleet have better selection and great prices.

I worked at CherryVale Macy’s for over 5 years, and while I love it, I know firsthand that this store doesn’t have room to house a huge Toys R Us store, but I hope we will see the selection of toys expand in the years to come.

If you really want to give your young kids a Toys R Us experience like you had when you were a kid, the best thing to do is take them to Macy’s on N State St. in downtown Chicago or Woodfield Mall. . The Toys R Us stores at these two stores have been open for about a year, and people say they have a great selection of toys reminiscent of “old times.” Good shopping!

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