Total Game Changer: YouTuber creates the biggest Xbox console


Michael Pick, a YouTuber based in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, achieved a record breaking title that turned out to be a total game changer.

On December 9, 2021, the content creator, who is also known for making a massive Nintendo Switch, was credited with building the biggest xbox console.


The enormous Xbox Series X measures 2.08m x 1.04m x 1.04m (6.82ft x 3.41ft x 3.41ft) and weighs 250 pounds, which is comparable to a full-size refrigerator.


Michael created a video documenting the process behind the engineering of the colossal console.

Starting with a wooden exterior, he then built oversized replicas of Xbox elements, including rear docking ports and other identifying elements.

According to Michael, the hardest part of replicating the giant gaming system was designing the curves atop the Xbox Series X and recreating its glowing logo.



He had to find a way to make it shine steadily, while still allowing it to function as a push button.


Although it took a bit of brainstorming, Michael was able to use his gamer logic to figure it out.

By 3D printing some sections, he was able to glue them together and create a scaled version of the popular gaming system.



Although the giant Xbox doesn’t completely work on its own, Michael has adapted it to be functional.

By enclosing a relatively small standard Xbox Series X inside its jumbo counterpart, a signal is sent with one click to an Arduino microcontroller, which commands a motor to press the button on the full-size original console.


The installment creates the illusion that the biggest Xbox console runs video games.

Michael says everything for this attempt worked out according to his plans and admitted it was much easier than his previously achieved record title for the biggest nerf gunwhich was a much more complicated attempt.


Michael is always looking for new engineering challenges and said this most recent project was a really fun build.

The whole Xbox creation process took about two days to plan and a month to build.


Despite the time invested, Michael plans to donate the oversized and super fun Xbox to a local children’s hospital, which is well worth it.

He also says being recognized for a record second title means a lot to him.

“I worked really hard to make this build as accurate as possible and having a Guinness World Records title is a really cool way to finish this project.” – Michael Pick



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