This weekend, play these three Xbox games for free


All players with an active Xbox Live Gold membership can play PGA Tour 2K21, State of Decay 2 and SnowRunner for free on Xbox One and Xbox Series X console generations until the end of the weekend. State of Decay 2 and SnowRunner are currently part of the Xbox Game Pass library, so those using Xbox Game Pass may want to play PGS Tour 2K21 instead of the other two, which can be played anytime in the near future.

On Monday, June 6, the next exciting Quarterly Pixel Feature Drop is set to take place. Google has released Android 12 QPR3 beta 3 for those who can’t wait. At the moment, it’s not worth joining the Android 12 QPR beta program, especially since the final version of the update is approaching and installing the beta has led to a new problem in the android launcher which disallows user to search apps. on his phone. App finder in Android launcher is broken in Android 12 QPR3 beta 3.

As usual with Free Play Day weekend promotions, all three titles are fully unlocked as if Xbox Live Gold players fully own them and Xbox Achievements can be unlocked. Additionally, all progress will be saved in the cloud to be continued at a later date if ever replayed. PGA Tour 2K21, State of Decay 2, and SnowRunner also received temporary discounts for Xbox Live Gold subscribers wishing to purchase them.

Summary of news:

  • This weekend, play these three Xbox games for free
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