The Xbox Games Pass is still superior to the new PlayStation Plus in one key way


Sony has combined its main subscription services, PlayStation Plus and PS Now, into several attractive packages, but their different promotional tiers have ignored one of the main selling points of Xbox Game Pass – day one exclusives.

After much talk, rumors and speculation, Project Spartacus is now fully realized and the Xbox Game Pass rival has the world talking.

A simple PS Plus subscription will remain the same, and one tier will offer every PlayStation game imaginable, but Sony has overlooked a huge hook in day one PlayStation exclusives.

Considered the flagship and standard bearer of regular and standout AAA titles, Sony forgot to consider the possibility of new titles being added to the subscription service and we consider this to be a huge missed step. I believe it comes down to several key factors.


It’s a testament to Sony’s power that Crash Bandicoot is one of the many franchises they’ve created.

Sony loves its retro PlayStation library

Microsoft’s Xbox brand hasn’t been around as long as Sony, and it hasn’t spread its wings in the handheld market. However, game station the line is long and prosperous.

For nearly 30 years now, Sony has released several mainline home consoles, as well as several handheld spin-offs. During that time, the Japanese giant has released an incredible amount of games, conjured up countless memorable franchises, and been home to must-see exclusives.

This is one of the reasons why the revamped PlayStation Plus tiers have made its premium tier include older games as part of its selling point. While blockbusters such as Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7 and God of War Ragnarok represent today’s Sony, it’s their past that many people still identify with and seek to rekindle.

By giving gamers access to over 300 additional titles that include games from the early stages of the brand’s lifecycle, Sony thinks that’s reason enough for gamers to invest and subscribe.

With the prospect of adding many more rare and valuable PS1 games selling in 3 figures on eBay right now, surely this is great value, right?

ad for the sony playstation 4 console

The PS4 has surpassed the Xbox One by ridiculous numbers.

Sony thinks PlayStation outpaces the competition

The launch of the PS3 was positively disastrous, and it took many years for the blue brand to catch up with Xbox. These errors have been rectified for the PS4 vs. Xbox One war and the Japanese company has taken this generation by an absolute landslide.

We are now well into the battle for the ninth generation and, once again, PlayStation is comfortably ahead in the home console wars. But I would hazard a guess that they believe they are so far ahead that they don’t need to offer their most exclusive games as part of a subscription package.

Xbox Game Pass owners have been treated well with a ton of Xbox exclusive games released directly to the service on day one. Again, you’d say he needs to try and win back some fans he’s lost over the years and at the very least retain the ones he has.

According to VGCPS5 sales will likely be somewhere in the region of double next-gen Xbox sales, and you have to think the only reason the gap isn’t wider is the documented PS5 shortage.

kratos and atreus looking at each other in god of war ragnarok
Santa Monica Studios

Sony is obviously very confident that God of War Ragnarok will sell enough on its own.

Day one PlayStation exclusives are a free get out of jail card

As the Store controversy in 2021 proved when Sony threatened to close PS3 and PS Vita stores, they are not immune to making mistakes and inciting backlash from their loyal fan base. .

They have done it before and almost certainly will do it again. That’s why it might be a good idea to hold an “exclusive day one” card as a contingency plan in case things inevitably go south. “Annoyed that we’ve removed a beloved PlayStation feature? Next, we’re thrilled to announce that all PlayStation exclusives are free from day one for PS Plus Premium users!

Cue the fanfare, whip the party hats, and with 2022’s fickle society, it’s that simple. It’s an effective bargaining chip that Sony can hold onto until they encounter a perilous scenario where they need to boost their profile.

microsoft xbox ad for game pass ultimate

If Sony starts rolling out day one exclusives, what would that mean for Xbox Game Pass?

Should Sony have incorporated day one exclusives into Project Spartacus?

In my eyes, Yes. It seems that few companies want or know how to strike while the iron is hot.

The PlayStation 5 is the top dog, and if more CPU chips can be created or if a PS5 Slim can be made more easily, console sales will increase even more. Instead of capitalizing on this and securing this generation’s war in relative comfort, this kind of action leaves just a hint of doubt.

It also calls into question how much the company cares about its fans in relation to its profit margins and revenue.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which includes everything: Live Gold, free games, cloud play, etc., is $14.99 a month. According to the mission statement of Project Spartacus, the Premium level will cost $17.99 a month. It’s $3 more with no exclusivity on the first day.

Do PlayStation gamers really care about backwards compatibility and the desire to play classic games that much? I guess only time will tell.


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