The Xbox Console Companion UWP app will be replaced by the new Game Pass-focused Xbox app


If you’ve been using Microsoft’s Xbox Console Companion UWP app this week, you might have noticed that the latest update added a giant ad for Microsoft’s new Xbox app that launched with Xbox Game Pass for PC this year. last. The post mentions that “new Xbox app replaces console companion”, so it looks like the days of the old UWP app are now numbered.

Microsoft’s Xbox Console Companion app debuted as a universal “Xbox” app on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile in 2015. This app has been pretty neglected in recent years, though it still has some exclusive features like as the ability to stream games from your Xbox One to your PC.

The Xbox Console Companion app also incorporates Xbox Lives features that the new Game Pass-focused Xbox app lacks, such as clubs or finding groups. However, the new Xbox app remains a better experience overall, adopting the same design language previously seen in the new Xbox Game Bar. The app also received a speed and performance boost earlier this year after ditching the Electron framework in favor of React Native.

It’s not yet known when the Xbox Console Companion UWP app will officially be replaced by Microsoft’s new Xbox app. The latter still needs to be manually installed through the Microsoft Store, and while it recently dropped its “beta” tag, it still lacks some of the Xbox Live social features still present in the Xbox Console Companion app. Either way, it’s nice to see Microsoft consolidating its Xbox experiences on Windows 10, and the new Xbox app is already a pretty solid game launcher and digital store for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.


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