The world’s largest Xbox console built in Alabama


In the words of Guinness, this record is “a total game changer”.

An Alabama man was recently credited with building the world’s largest Xbox console.

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The Guinness World Records website reports how Michael Pick – a YouTuber based in Huntsville, a town in the Appalachian region of the state – managed to build an Xbox Series X that stands nearly seven feet tall and weighs around 250 pounds. For reference, it’s about the same size as your average refrigerator.

Since he’s a YouTuber, Pick recorded himself building the colossal console using 3D printing and woodworking magic.

“But it works ?” you might be wondering, on the edge of your seat, all nervous, needing to know.

According to Pick himself in the video, this huge Xbox is “fully functional”. Although there is a trick.

“By enclosing a relatively small standard Xbox Series X inside its jumbo counterpart, a signal is sent with a single click to an Arduino microcontroller, which commands a motor to press the button on the full-size original console” , explains the Guinness article. “The installment creates the illusion that the biggest Xbox console is running video games.”

Now when it comes to Pick’s other registration-the biggest nerf gun in the world– it’s exactly really functional, with real giant darts that “can smash glass cups and even smash right into a watermelon!”

Pick has expressed his intention to donate the gigantic Xbox to a local children’s hospital.


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