The Real Reason This Unboxing Clone Was Removed From App Stores


In a statement to Kotaku on January 25, SayGames CEO Egor Vaihanski apologized for the game even making it to the mobile market. Vaihanski went on to say that it was a “lack of pre-launch research by one of the developers. [SayGames] to work[s] with.”

In the statement, Vaihanski also mentioned that SayGames had contacted Witch Games, the developers of “Unpacking”, to see how the two groups could “solve” the issue. The “Unpacking” Twitter account also updated fans, thanking them for their support and letting them know that the clone had been removed from both app stores.

It is important to note that SayGames published the clone and did not create it. Apparently, one of the developers the publishing studio is working with created the game and modeled it after “Unpacking”, which SayGames hadn’t realized before publication.

“Unpacking”, which was one of the best Nintendo Switch games released in 2021, is a puzzle game with a story that lets players learn more about each item that was unpacked and given a new home. The game is currently available on PC, Switch, and Xbox One. Just keep in mind that there are some hilarious puzzles that young fans might fail a few times.


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